How to Hire Laravel Developers – Crucial Steps & Tips

Laravel is no new name when it comes to developing dynamic websites and web applications. Its MVC (model, view, controller) architecture, a wide community of contributors, and faster time-to-market features make it an excellent choice for businesses looking to create impressive web solutions. 

And if you are on the same path looking for the best Laravel developers for hire, you have stumbled upon the right piece of content! Here, we will talk about the steps to follow when hiring expert laravel developer and some useful tips for you to follow along the way. 

Tips to Follow Before You Hire Laravel Developers 

Before you begin your hunt to find Laravel experts, here are some tips for you to consider! 

Freelancers vs Laravel development agency 

These are some of the key differences between hiring a freelance developer and hiring Laravel experts from a reputed development agency. While a freelance developer may offer you a budgeted deal, you must always consider other factors before you jump to the decision. 

Freelancer Laravel development agency 
Independent developer.Professional developer or team of developers. 
High risk as they can abandon the project anytime they want.You can trust the company as its reputation is at stake. 
Limited skills.Diverse skill sets and experience. 
Uncertain delivery time. Assured project delivery goals. 
Poor communication and no transparency.Transparent process and effective communication flow. 
Comparatively low development cost. Reasonable to high development costs. 
Limited access to resource/ technology gap.Access to high-end tech resources and technologically-trained developers. 

Choose the engagement model carefully 

The success of your project, careful utilization of resources, and the invested budget can be affected if you end up choosing the wrong engagement model for your project. Nowadays, companies offer flexible engagement models to assure businesses can avail of the services and hire Laravel professionals as per their terms and conditions. 

These are some of the popular ones that may come to your benefit.

  • Dedicated engagement model – In this kind, businesses get to hand over the entire responsibility of developing a Laravel project to a dedicated team. They will work on the project remotely and the project manager will be your point of contact and share the progress with you. 
  • Fixed model – In this model, the scope of the project is pre-determined along with the costs of development. It requires minimal involvement as everything is predetermined. 
  • Non-fixed/hourly engagement model – As per a non-fixed model, you can hire the best Laravel developers from a team on an hourly basis rate. These developers will work remotely as an extension of your team. In this case, the project scope is not predetermined. 

Verify portfolio 

No matter whether you choose a freelancer or developers from a Laravel development firm, assessing their portfolio is a necessary step you have to perform. If they don’t have an online identity, you might reconsider hiring them. 

Things for you to check – 

  • Years of experience. 
  • Their areas of expertise. 
  • Uniqueness in design/ development. 
  • Past projects. 
  • Industry experience. 
  • Client testimonials or reviews.

Steps to Hire Dedicated Laravel Developers 

Here, we have mentioned a step-by-step procedure for you to hire Laravel developers for your web project. Make sure you keep the tips mentioned earlier in check as you begin your hunt! 

Decide project requirement 

You can not begin searching for dedicated Laravel developers until and unless you have a clear idea of what your project requires. And for the same reason, write down the requirements first.

These are some of the common areas of concern for every Laravel project – 

  • Project term and size (short-term, long-term, mid-term ‘or’ small-scale, mid-scale, large-scale). 
  • Project budget (this will help you narrow down the list of candidates to interview and hire). 
  • Engagement type. 
  • The number of resources you need. 
  • Your involvement in managing the project. 
  • Required technical expertise. 
  • project delivery timeline.

Write job description 

The next thing you have to do is create a job description that will help you convey what you are looking for in a potential candidate. And the candidate as well will get a better understanding of what to expect from the job role. You can post this on job portals, and social networking sites, or email potential candidates directly. 

This typically specifies all your requirements of a candidate 

  • Job title. 
  • A brief job description. 
  • Roles and responsibilities. 
  • Required skills. 
  • Minimum qualification level. 
  • Required experience. 
  • Salary bar. 
  • The number of positions open. 

Shortlist candidates via different channels 

As there’s no hard and fast rule to choosing candidates from definite channels, you can use any of your choices. However, shortlisting candidates from renowned sites is preferred as you will have more potential candidates then. 

A few mentioned names might come to your aid in this context – LinkedIn, Facebook, Instagram, Indeed, Monster, and search engines like Google, Yahoo, etc. 

Conduct interviews & select Laravel developers 

You need to test the candidate’s technical as well as soft skills to ensure they can work positively in a competitive environment and produce quality results. 

As for the technical expertise, you need to conduct verbal interviews and check their coding skills as well before you hire expert Laravel developers. The various technologies and skills they should have are – 

  • Experienced in basic technologies like HTML, CSS3, PHP, Javascript, etc. 
  • Expertise in API and MVC solutions. 
  • Skilled in server tools such as Apache, Laravel Forge, Nginx, etc. 
  • Familiar with testing tools and methods. 
  • Experienced in managing tasks and sprints, and so on. 

Once you have chosen the right candidate, all you need to do is extend an offer letter to the individual. And then, draft a contract mentioning the terms of employment. This should include all the privacy and confidentiality terms and employment agreements signed by you as well as the candidate. 

Follow this procedure and keep these tips in consideration to hire best-in-class Laravel developers for your project. So, what are you waiting for? Start your hunt today! 


Now, choosing Laravel experts for your project is no hassle as we have curated these tips and steps to make hiring easy for you. All you need to do is write down your project requirements, define job descriptions, and follow the tips to hire Laravel developers. 

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