Learn to Distinguish Between: Backlinks & Internal Links

There is an excellent difference between backlinks & internal links, which many people fail to recognize. If you are also willing to enhance your knowledge about ‘LINKING’ – (Backlinks & Internal Links), this is the right blog for you to grasp the required information. 
As the name suggests, Backlinks is a link-building activity that happens between other websites on the web & your websites. There are some things that people must know about backlinks: 

Backlinks are essential for affiliate marketing that primarily focus on content to develop their domain rating and rank better for relevant keywords in their niche.

You can save time by following an excellent backlinking strategy. Here it is: 
“Copy the URL of your competitor’s website and put it in the ahrefs; it will help you know all the websites to whom it has linked.”

It would help if you build high-quality backlinks & they need to be relevant to your niche. If Google finds out that you are backlinking for the sake of backlinking, you will run into a problem. 

Backlinking requires you to study a website thoroughly to filter out contact details. What if I say there is something that can ease your task. You can make use of ‘Email Hunter Extension.’

 It would help if you stayed away from sites like Fiverr & SEOClerks. Google blacklists these sites, and any associated site will receive a penalty. 

Do not rely on PBN links. If you are found using that, you’ll get a penalty for the same. 
Internal Links: 
Internal links explain themselves that building links inside the website is a process. It’s basically usability is to decrease the bounce rate. 
Here are a few points which we must know about internal links: 

Internal linking is basically an indicator to Google that your site is crawlable. 

Do not waste your time building the internal linking structure on your own. Invest your time in some of the tools like ‘screaming frog’. 

You must not use the exact match anchor text; it’ll have a harmful impact on your website’s reputation. Make sure you are not using the exact match keywords. 

One must not overdo internal linking. Though internal linking is considerably valuable for your business, it doesn’t mean that you start linking each & every page of your website.

Before interlinking, one must set a correct structure; otherwise, it will not work at all. 

Please keep the relevance in mind. Do not link the irrelevant articles to each other. The linked articles must be relevant to each other. Link-building activity is about relevance, so you will be penalized if you’re just building links to random sites.

One must try to do interlinking with the post that has been published recently or the one which is emerging popular. 

Internal linking is essential for your website to make it more navigational. A website without internal linking is like a ‘homepage without content’. 
Final Comments!
I hope this article has proved to be a confusion solver for those who have always remained perplexed in two terms, namely: Backlinks & Internal Links. When it comes to judging the importance between the two, backlinks are considerably more significant as they are authority builders. To increase the authority of a website, one must vigorously work on the backlinks. 

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