Why Locker Rooms are Essential for Schools

There are a variety of types and functions for lockers and locker rooms in contemporary society. Each type differs depending on the location and facility that the locker room is within, as well as the factors that determine the properties of the lockers themselves, and what they are likely to contain.

This blog shall be reviewing lockers and locker rooms from an educational perspective. This blog shall help users to define lockers and locker rooms, as well as their history and benefits, so that they may determine how essential they are for schools and schoolchildren.

Where did they originate?

Lockers can be traced back to ancient Greece, approximately 2500 years ago. Back in ancient times, athletes would unclothe themselves for their sports events and leave their personal belongings in the benched-line dressing rooms in a secure and safe place like cubbies, or on shelves with security guards.  

The oldest known lock was found by archaeologists in Egypt, and dated back to 4000 years ago. The padlock was used by the Romans and ancient Greeks between 500BC and 300 AD. The first known lockers with padlocks however were not used until 1786, at the Harleton Green Gold Club in South Carolina.

Types of lockers/locker rooms

Schools, in particular, require a lot of storage space, in order to accommodate the vast amounts of learning resources and other equipment. Furthermore, students themselves require space in order to keep and organize their personal items. School lockers are therefore a great way to fulfil this need.

When deciding on which type of locker to use in your school, there are a few types to choose from. These are further detailed below:


Mini lockers:

Mini lockers – much like the name suggests – are lockers designed to fill up smaller spaces. These lockers occupy minimal space and are best suited for schools or institutions with minimal storage space available. This type of locker is perfect for school cloakroom storage solutions.

Junior lockers:

Junior lockers are typically found in primary or junior schools. The lockers are designed for younger children, as a means of transitioning them into a well-organised and disciplined learning structure. A locker offers them a space to keep their belongings, as well as getting them into the habit of keeping track of books and other learning resources. These lockers typically come in soft colours and blend in neutrally. However, bespoke school lockers are always an option.  

Gym lockers:

Personal and physical wellbeing is essential for everyone, and particularly necessary following the rising levels of obesity in the 2000s. This has caused a demand and attraction for sports and other extracurricular activities in schools. To suit these requirements, gym lockers are the perfect school storage solution for the on-the-go student. The lockers are adapted to suit this usage and will be coated with germ-resistant material that stops the spread of germs caused by sweat and humidity.

Waterproof lockers:

If your school has a swimming pool, bespoke school lockers such as waterproof lockers are a great accompaniment. This type of locker is designed to be housed in areas prone to moisture and is adapted to remain structurally sound, and resistant to mould / damp growth.

Bike lockers:

Bike lockers are designed for the students who commute to school via their bikes. Investing in bike storage is worthwhile and offers students a place to store their bikes, encouraging them to cycle to school; subsequently promoting a healthier method of commuting. Having secure storage for bikes also encourages students to travel to school independently – a valuable skill for young adults.

Sports lockers: 

Sports lockers are the ideal place for sports enthusiast students to store all of their equipment. Ideally, these bespoke school lockers should be tall enough and wide enough to house bulky equipment, as well as a change of clothes for sports activities. The high school locker room design should allow for sports lockers in variable sizes. These lockers are convenient and provide students an opportunity to look after and be responsible for their own gear. A locker also provides students with a place to store their equipment without the risk of it being lost or stolen.

Staff lockers:

It’s not only students in schools that value storage space. Lockers are also important for staff members to keep their belongings while working. Staff lockers can be used to keep an assortment of things, whilst offering staff members a secure place to keep their things while teaching. Additionally, lockers are a good idea for staff to keep essential things they may need at any moment. Such as toiletries, medication they may need, and a spare change of clothes – just in case.

Laptop lockers:

Technology has been introduced into schools as a valuable teaching resource. If this applies to your institution, laptop lockers are a valuable place to store your laptop and other valuables, so they are always secure and safe from being lost or stolen. Many laptop lockers come with built-in charging capabilities, ensuring they are available for use from the moment they are required.

Specialist lockers:

Specialist lockers are bespoke school lockers that are designed to cater to the specific needs of management. They’re built in to ideally store additional keys/equipment, first aid materials and any other specific things you have in mind.

Locker materials

Metal lockers

Metal lockers are both durable and reliable, making them an ideal choice for school lockers. They are also easy to maintain and can be bought for a reasonable price.

Wooden lockers

Wooden lockers add an elegant touch to an interior. They look incredibly impressive; however, they are unsuitable for areas with high levels of dampness or humidity.  

Plastic lockers

Schools are heavily prone to vandalism. Plastic lockers are a good way to combat this, as they are easy to clean and very difficult to damage through force.

Laminate lockers

Laminate lockers are dent free and resistant to water droplets, making it great for school premises such as poolside locker rooms.

Why are they essential for schools?

Having a locker in a school or institution offers a surprising range of benefits for both students and staff that are practical in nature. These include:


The most important thing that lockers provide for students and staff is security.

With an increasing number of students carrying mobile phones, tablets, and laptops, lockers for school have become more important than ever.

The added security of school lockers is not only beneficial to students, but also to parents, as it gives them peace of mind that their children’s costly belongings are secure throughout the day.

Health and Safety

It is no secret that lugging heavy textbooks and laptops around can take its toll on kids’ health. This can lead to harmful impacts on the neck and back of students, causing them pain, and worsening their posture.

By providing students with a safe place to store their things when they are not needed, they are able to lighten their load, alleviating some of these health concerns. By avoiding aches and pains, students will be able to better focus their attention on their studies. 


Whether you are a student, teacher, parent or professor, privacy is important.

The concept of privacy creates boundaries that teach students about a mutual respect.

Lockers define value for their thoughts, ideas, and belongings, building trust with students, as they gain access to a space that’s theirs and theirs alone. This is particularly important in schools.  

Responsibility and Respect

Alternatively, lockers teach children the lesson of responsibility, the importance of their belongings, and looking after them – a lesson which will remain with them in later life.  

Lockers in schools teach students to respect not only their own possessions but also their peers.

In summary, lockers have been used for over 2500 years, with locks being used over 4000 years ago! And with good reason. There seems to be no substitution for the security, privacy, health, and personalization that they provide. When deciding on your locker choice, there are a variety of materials to choose from, such as metal, wood, plastic, and laminate; and different types of lockers, such as mini lockers, junior lockers, gym lockers, waterproof lockers, bike lockers, sports lockers, staff lockers, laptop lockers and specialist lockers.

Whether you are requiring cloakroom furniture or cloakroom storage for your school, it is recommended that you consult a specialist. Given that there are so many options and specializations to choose from, it is ideal to contact a specialist, as it guarantees that you acquire lockers which are best suited to you and your usage. There are a variety of specialists within the West Midlands that would be of high value for this service, such as Arkinstall.