Why Gold is Still So Valuable

Now that a majority of our transactions are done through credit, debit, and cash transactions, not many people think about the value of gold. People are even more likely to deal in internet based currency like Bitcoin rather than gold, but it has been proven that even in this time of major inflation, gold still holds its value.

One of the reasons that gold is so valuable is that it is one of the few investments that has a 0% counterparty risk. This means there is no possibility the other party will default on their obligations. Gold also has tangible ownership, and it cannot be reduced in value by mass printing in the way that paper money can.

More people are beginning to understand that gold still has high value, and so it is only appreciating in value the more people invest. In the 2008 recession, gold saw an over 100% surge in interest! In 2020, gold had a nearly 25% investment return rate which was much higher than the 18% return investment rate the stock market held.

We can expect to see the same trends during this time that we saw in 2008 when it comes to the value of gold. If you want to protect your finances in this time of inflation, go for the gold.

In An Era Of Inflation, Gold Still Reigns Supreme
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