8 Web Development Trends In 2023 That You Can’t Ignore

Technological innovations have been garnering significant attention in almost every industry and sector. From chatbots and cloud-based solutions to advanced online navigation, there is no dearth of examples where the advanced nature of web development can be clearly witnessed. Keeping your solution in tune with those techniques is key to maintaining a satisfactory user experience. However, that creates the need to stay on top of the latest web development trends; especially since new ones have sprouted up featuring outstanding functionalities for websites and applications, enabling an incredibly adaptable user experience.

Businesses are continuously on the lookout for decent web developers. A majority of them also try to hire web developers in India, the Philippines, or other such nations (where low-cost resources can be found.) The entire point of such exercises is to be able to harness the best of web development and improve the potential for profit. 

Here’s a list of the top web development trends that are likely to gain popularity in 2023 and might continue to flourish throughout the decade.

1.  Accelerated Mobile Pages (AMP)

Since the internet is getting more user-centric, Accelerated Mobile Pages (AMP) will be one of the most emerging web development trends in 2023. Google considers page loading speed when determining how to rank a page in its search results. Rankings will suffer if your page is slow to load.

An open-source initiative called AMP enables lightning-fast page loading. AMP streamlines web pages by removing scripts that cause them to load slowly. As a result, it improves user experience and website presence in search results.

Google’s AMP project has been active since 2015 and continues to grow. One of the reasons behind AMP’s rising popularity is the fact that Google’s mobile-first index outperforms Google’s conventional desktop index.

According to Oberlo’s recent statistics, more than 55% of all website traffic comes through mobile phones. Therefore, as search engine optimization (SEO) moves toward mobile devices, AMP use will rise.

2.  Progressive Web Apps (PWA)

Although Progressive Web Apps (PWA) have been the talk of the town since their arrival, they will dominate in 2023. A PWA is an instantaneously loaded mobile application that is distributed via the web. Web app manifest, application shell architecture, and server workers make up the three main components of this technology.

PWA is the newest technology that improves the web by emulating native mobile applications on websites. The technology takes the form of a website with features that were previously restricted to native apps. A PWA works on various browsers and devices and acts much like a native app, even though users are not required to download it from the app store.

3.  Voice Search Optimization

Voice assistants and voice search are major trends in web development that you cannot ignore. Although traditional search is still common, it has been shown that people prefer speaking to assistants over typing when trying to develop a conversational association with websites.

Users are able to speak a search query to a smart device with the aid of voice search technology. These days, many other fields are affected by this technology, especially e-commerce. The most popular voice search assistants at the moment are Amazon’s Alexa, Google Assistant, Apple’s Siri, and Microsoft’s Cortana.

4.  AI-Powered Chatbots

We can see a growing number of patents in AI almost everyday. Online technologies like AI-powered chatbots have already been providing excellent customer support in terms of answering basic queries, responding to questions, and more. These chatbots can take orders, respond to frequently asked questions, and provide effective day-and-night customer service, which would otherwise be a time-consuming and resource-taking task.

According to Insider Intelligence, approximately 40% of internet users across the world prefer chatting with chatbots. Therefore, using AI chatbots in business can prove advantageous. As per Juniper Research, consumer retail spending using chatbots will increase from just $2.8 billion in 2019 to $142 billion by 2024. This statistical analysis and prediction indicate that chatbot development is an evolving industry due to many undeniable benefits.

5.  Serverless Architecture

Serverless architecture is one of the most prominent web development trends in 2023. It enables software developers to build and sustain products without worrying about the underlying infrastructure.

According to MarketsandMarkets’ estimate, the serverless market was valued at $7.6 billion in 2020 and is anticipated to grow to $21.1 billion by 2025. This suggests there will be a rise in the popularity of serverless technology in the following years.

With third-party web cloud computing, businesses may operate any backend services or apps without having to worry about arranging the server to deploy the website. These servers don’t need to be upgraded to handle increased data loads.

6. Enhanced Cybersecurity

Cybersecurity is getting more important in countries like India, UK and the US for all web-based businesses. Enhanced cybersecurity will be the most prominent web development trend in 2023. The newest website technology in cybersecurity requires attention to hardware/software or data protection against threats. The technique is used by people and companies to stop unauthorized access to data centers and other digital systems.

According to a US-based research firm’s report, the total cost of cybercrime is expected to reach $10.5 trillion by 2025, and victims will lose $265 billion annually due to ransomware attacks by 2031. The year 2023 will be focused on creating a robust cybersecurity strategy that will give comprehensive security against automotive hacking, data breaches, and other potential cyber threats.

One of the most ubiquitous cloud vulnerabilities is the lack of multi-factor authentication (MFA) for users assigned to prerogative administrative positions. Access for privileged users must be as secure as feasible in any cloud environment. A company may suffer serious repercussions if a fundamental security measure like MFA is not enabled.

7. Dark Mode

Devices like smartphones and laptops include a UI option called “dark mode” that enables users to read the material in light characters on a dark background. Facebook and Twitter have already adopted dark mode, so more websites are starting to implement the transition between dark and light mode.

Dark modes are becoming more popular because of their contemporary appearance and ability to accentuate design components, which wasn’t always the case. Additionally, it lowers the power requirements of OLED and AMOLED screens, saving money on electricity.

8.  Motion UI

A website should have all the crucial information that a user is looking for while also being visually appealing, aesthetically acceptable, and crawler-friendly. As a result, there is a greater emphasis on motion UI, user interface, and user-friendliness, all of which are poised for rapid growth in 2023.

By incorporating animations and videos, motion UI design facilitates the creation of a comprehensive and user-friendly interface that guides and effectively entices people. Motion UI is primarily incorporated in videos and advertising banners. But in the future, every website will move to motion UI, thanks to emerging technologies.

The Bottom Line

The year 2023 will bring intriguing new technologies to the web development sector. You can consider incorporating some of the trends from the list above and choose a practical technology to implement in your business. 

You can bring these top web development trends to life with the help of a skilled web developer. We recommend you hire the best web development company in India with proven expertise and a tech background who is implementing the above-mentioned latest trends and technology to revamp an existing website or utilize it while creating a new website for the company. 

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