How To Access Blocked Sites To Unblock Banned Webpages?


Whether you are living in the US, UK, India, or any other country most of the time you face the problem of banned and restricted website content. And it a very irritating thing when you browse the internet. But, to access blocked sites to unblock banned webpages you have many ways. Keep reading this article and you will get to know why a blocked website exists and ways to access a blocked website.

Why do blocked websites exist?

When you browse over the internet and find the blocked website then this question arises in your mind tat why it is restricted what are the reasons behind it. So, the possible reasons for the blocked website are as follows:-

  • Most of the website use geo-blocking tools to restrict the website in a particular country. This one is a common issue and finds in the Netflix catalogs.
  • The government blocks the website and games according to its agenda. Perhaps the most popular example of the year is the most popular game PUBG is banned in India & many other countries.
  • Most of the companies banned the website on their internal network. So the employee cannot waste their time on social media applications to boost the traffic.
  • The website is banned due to some odd laws of the countries. Just like United Kindom ban porn for particular age groups, which required the viewer to verify the age first

Ways to access Restricted Website

Among the multiple ways here we are mentioned a few ways. Through which you can easily browse the restricted website, video, applications, and more.

Use VPN for Unblocking

The most effective way to get instant access to a restricted website is a secure VPN. This will helps you to unblock any website, social media application, and videos restricted in your boundaries. If you are thinking the VPN must be costly for you so here are many amazing companies that provide you reasonable VPN packages. From which ExpressVPN Coupon Code & Hola VPN Deals are the best. They offer the best services at a budget cost.

Use IP Address Rather Than URL

You might be familiar that every URL has an IP address. The authorities have only blocked the website URL, not the IP address. In this case, you can use the IP address of the website rather than the URL. Go with the following steps and get access to the blocked website through an IP address.

  • On Windows, To get the IP address type tracert in the command
  • On Mac, Open Network Ulility > at the top click on the Traceroute option & enter the website name to find the IP address.
  • For iPhone & Android, use the Traceroute app from the google play & apple store to find the IP address

Use Google Translate

Many of the institutions and websites never ban google translate. So, if you want to access the restricted sites then you can use the google translate or another free translation website.. Translate the language according to the country’s website and browse it easily. Because google translate is an educational tool. And it is powerful enough to unblock the restricted website.

Use a Free Proxy Tool

If you want to access any restricted website one time then use the free proxy tool. Might be this is a good way to get instant access to the blocked website. This will hide your real IP address and help you to disguise your location. But the proxy is not as secure as VPN so use it well.  The proxy is not a good decision when you are using this for your official work and school purpose.

Summary:- Access Blocked Sites To Unblock Banned Webpages

Get access to the restricted website instantly with the help of the above-mentioned information. From the above-mentioned ideas, VPN is the best & safest way to use the browse the restricted internet content. So choose your best and connect with us in a comment box to share your more ideas and experience.

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