Benefits of Automation for the Print Industry

The commercial printing industry will explode in the next five years. People working in the printing industry need to stay updated with the latest industry trends to compete. 

Automation is one of the fastest-growing trends in India, in the printing industry. You can also automate your printing business to make the most of the trend. 

Automation, irrespective of the industry, offers numerous benefits. It includes quality production tasks, enhanced financial health, etc. 

In several ways, you can automate your print workflow. Print production houses have several software available like web-to-print software solutions that help automate their workflow. 

If you are yet to achieve the benefits of automation for your print industry, apply it today to get maximum results. 

Without further ado, let’s dive into the benefits offered by automation to the print industry. 

  1. Acts as a bridge between digital media and print:

Automated workflow for the print industry enables multi-channel communication incorporating digital media and print. For instance, it enables communication through social media, mobile devices, etc. Besides, it is way better than the traditional approaches and delivers better results.

To sum up, workflow automation helps add value to your overall efforts. It can enable you to cater to the specific needs of your consumers in a better way. 

  1. Helps add more value to your offerings: 

Workflow offers several opportunities to businesses and adds value to their offerings. You can get several advantages as a printing business by automating your tasks. It also helps in enhancing your customer experience.

Automated workflow enables businesses to satisfy the ever-changing needs of their consumers. Additionally, other advantages offered to businesses include quality, reduced cost, and achieving targets speedily. 

  1. Reducing production costs:

All businesses desire cost reduction. Workflow automation is one of the easiest ways in which they can achieve cost reduction easily. It helps printing businesses reduce costs and environmental footprint. Labor-intensive processes get automated, and hence, you require less labor. 

For instance, job tracking, prepress, etc., gets reduced, so the costs go down. This way, you will be able to offer the product at a much cheaper price to your consumers. When repetitive tasks get automated, your staff gets some free time to focus on other valuable tasks. 

  1. Enhanced Output Quality: 

When using a traditional printing approach, achieving top-notch picture quality is difficult. On the contrary, with digital approaches, it becomes a cakewalk. Automation helps enhance picture quality by including incredible color measurements.

Automated tools and workflow take uncertainties out of the final image and put them in exact color for enhanced quality. That said, even a company is confident about an automated printer’s job. Hence, they assure great quality to their customers. 

  1. Robust relationship with the customers: 

With user-friendly systems, you impart more value to your consumers. When you integrate systems that your users can use, they have more trust in your business, and they keep coming back to you. Hence, to forge good relationships with your customers, you should build your app/website in such a manner that it’s easy to place an order. Additionally, your customers should also be able to create designs as per their preferences as well. 

You can also have tools to support marketing automation. It helps provide a strategic relevance to your business and helps you in offering great customer service. All such little things make your business valuable, and it alsos helps gain a competitive edge.

  1. Affordability: 

Workflow systems available today are much more affordable than the traditional ones. This gives the feasibility to businesses to invest in automated systems to obtain the maximum benefits. You will have to incur low costs in purchasing such software. Additionally, the installation cost will also be lower, and hence you will be able to offer your products at pocket-friendly rates. Furthermore, the risk of prolonged and painful teething periods will be reduced as well. 

  1. Elimination of errors: 

Automated systems help manage all repetitive tasks. When such tasks are carried out by machines, the chances of errors are less. Humans can make a lot of mistakes in such processes, but a system will not. Many such systems have error detectors integrated, and they alert the operators in case of errors. This way, even if there is some error in the process, it gets identified then and there. 

Automated systems also perform millions of checks to make sure that everything in the web to print software solution is fine. This way, all errors are prevented, and it helps save a lot of money as well. 

  1. Accelerating Turnaround: 

When it comes to production speed, two critical factors are reliability and speed. All manual tasks like imposing, pre-flighting, etc. get automated, helping save time and effort. Though, the job-in and job-out turnarounds are managed by the workflow. With automated workflows, the turnaround accelerates and is completed before time. 

Furthermore, it helps increase print capacity. For instance, using traditional workflow, a job that used to take 3-4 days will now be completed in 2 hours. 

Automation is a necessity 

Automation offers numerous incredible benefits. It is not just in the printing industry but in any industry in which it is incorporated. It helps a business survive and thrive in the digital space. 

You should know the fact that automation is not optional. It is something that you will have to bring into your business, to compete. Not introducing automated workflow is a mistake that no printing venture can afford to make. Automation helps break bottlenecks and remove inefficiencies of all kinds. 

Web to print software solutions makes it easy for you to automate and streamline your tasks, for example, with a print ERP software, you can take care of various processes like order and customer management, print job, artwork approval, and such. 

Secondly, with solutions like a Product Design Tool, you can generate print ready files, and thus speed up the pre-press process to ensure quick delivery and enhanced customer satisfaction. 

We hope this post has given you all the information you need to understand the role that automation plays in the printing industry. Like said before, automation is not optional. So, your time to act is now!

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