Top 4 Tools for Mobile App Development in 2022

The market for mobile applications is huge, and expanding rapidly by the day. As recently as 2021, the Google Play Store boasted 2.87 million mobile apps available for download. Meanwhile, the Apple App Store wasn’t far behind, with 1.96 million apps available for download. At the rate the market is growing, economists expect the mobile app market alone to generate over $900 billion by 2023.  

So if you have ever had an interest in building a mobile app, the best time to learn is now. But first, in order to build a functional app, you will need the right tool to create it. Need help finding one? Here are the 4 best tools for mobile app development in 2022. 

  1. Xamarin

Relatively new to the market, Xamarin is an open-source framework from Microsoft that is already gaining wide popularity. Using C# as its single language, the tool enables cross-platform mobile app development to create applications compatible on iOS, Android, and Windows with .NET. If you’re looking to make a high-quality app that looks native, Xamarin is a great choice. 

The cross-platform functionality of Xamarin means that developers can share up to 90% of code between various platforms. This allows developers to streamline and accelerate their development processes overall. With Xamarin, developers can even build apps in Visual Studio or Visual Studio Code too. 

  1. React Native

Another open-source application development tool, React Native is a creation from Meta Platforms, Inc., and is compatible for both iOS and Android. At its core, React Native combines the best aspects of native development with React, the JavaScript library for creating user interfaces based on UI components. 

A progressive web app by design, React Native exceeds performance expectations on all targeted platforms. It is simple to debug, and, at the end of the day, offers developers a fast track to completion.

  1. Sencha 

One of the well-established names on this list, over 60% of Fortune 100 companies rely on Sencha for all mobile app development. Notably, Sencha allows developers to produce applications for smartphones, tablets, and desktops. 

Using Ext JS as a comprehensive JavaScript framework, Sencha builds cross-platform web and mobile applications compatible with virtually any modern device. Thus, Sencha stands out as a particularly state-of-the-art mobile app development tool. 

  1. AppInstitute

Perfect for owners of small to medium-sized businesses, AppInstitute is a mobile app development tool that efficiently aids the development process with its own intuitive app maker, all in just four simple steps. First, using AppInstitute, simply select whichever template satisfies your business needs. Next, AppInstitute will brand your app using your business’s website and social media information. The third step allows you to edit the content generated. And then finally, you’re ready to publish your app. 

Thanks to its intuitive app maker, AppInstitute is the ideal tool for busy business owners, as it allows you to quickly build mobile apps without ever having to write a single line of code.

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