Your Company’s Security System Isn’t Working Anymore

Traditional security approaches are starting to fall apart as they can’t handle the increasing amount of encrypted traffic. Cyberattacks are on the rise – over 230 million ransomware attacks occurred in the first half of 2022 alone with that number continuing to rise at an alarming rate. In 2016, just over half of web traffic was encrypted but since 2021, over 90% has become encrypted. This data takes much longer to look through and find attacks, letting intruders slip past with much greater ease. 

Encrypted data costs much more to set up a security system for, adds an immense amount of complexity to existing systems, and increases latency by a significant amount. Many enterprises feel they don’t have a good enough understanding of how to detect and protect against encrypted attacks that bypass legacy security solutions. 

Network detection and response platforms, or NDR, use AI to detect malware without needing to decrypt anything, making it cheaper, faster, and more effective. NDR platforms look at what’s normal and build a fingerprint of behavior patterns and assets and look for anomalous usage. 
Learn more about how NDR platforms work and how they can keep your company’s network secure here.

What is Network Detection & Response?
Source: Live Action

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