What Social Media Marketing Trends Are On The Horizon?

Social media marketing trends are on evolution as the platforms introduce new features and changes in their algorithms. With so many recent marketing trends flooding social media sites, a new challenge comes to social media marketers in constantly reviewing their ongoing strategies and the need to immediately add new types of content that meet the social media trends on the horizon.

For example, after Snapchat, the FOMO-induced content has now found a place with identical features in almost all the leading social media channels. Today, this feature by way of Instagram Stories is used by more than 500 million users daily. This speaks of human’s adapting power to new trends and changes. Social media marketers have to continuously research the latest trends and features ruling across all the channels.

Such evolving trends greatly influence the future of social media and your business brand as it serves as the most convenient and most accessible direct marketing method. Therefore, to help you stay afloat in the market, we have shortlisted a few such social media marketing trends on the horizon and are there to stay for quite some time.


5 Social Media Marketing Trends That Are On The Rise

1.) Live Streams Continues to Rule:

The current global health crisis that started in the first quarter of the last calendar year made businesses realize how important social media is for marketing, which has become an essential strategy for each one of them.

The Live Stream option on social media has now substituted the live events scheduled for public places across the globe. The organizers and the guests both have come together on social media platforms to host and attend events from the comfort of their homes.

The transpose from live concerts to live streams by artists has also brought businesses to go on-air and conduct their events live through social media channels. For instance, in Italy, the number of views on Facebook and Instagram Live was double the number before the pandemic. People are now adjusted with the Live streaming, per a recent Sprout Social Index, which says that 40% of users want brands to do more live streaming.

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2.) Stories in the form of Content:

Instagram stories are here to stay for long. The use of video increases in the future because they are more communicative and engaging than photos. You must make your approach even more organized than before and plan to make Instagram (IG) Stories in content format.

A study conducted by Social Insider found that photos in IG Stories have a tap-forward rate higher by 5.65% in comparison to videos. By tap-forward rate, we mean the number of IG users who saw your story but moved before they finished watching it.

The same study also found that images in IG Stories attract more drop-offs than videos, which proves that users spend more time watching videos. That is why over 51% of brands actively use videos in their IG stories to tap more audience.

3.) Virtual Reality Will Find More Popularity On Social Media:

The pandemic has made people realize how good and helpful social media can be for matters other than entertainment. One such matter is Virtual Reality (VR), which is a meaningful way of interaction because it gives you a sense of actually meeting in person with whom you are interacting.

Such types of technological trends are on the rise, especially when people are forced to stay away from each other because it makes them feel as if they are physically together. For instance, the platform Oculus VR and Facebook have joined hands to beta-test a virtual world where people can come together, make new connections, play games, and explore, which Facebook has named as Facebook Horizon.

4.) Augmented Reality Continues To Rising:

Somewhat similar to VR, Augmented Reality (AR) is also on the rise for inclusion in the social media world. Besides a smartphone, AR does not require any additional hardware, making it more accessible and easier to use than a VR.

You shall also find the dynamic photo filters on AR, which are a significant attraction to social media sites. Experiences that you will get using an AR will be naturally interactive and verify impressively from the engagement’s perspective.

That is why brands are quickly moving towards the AR trend trending on social media by creating AR filters to inherently market their new range of products or encourage user interaction. Apart from engaging and entertaining your current audiences, you may even attract new ones if you portray the proper promotion using AR technology.

5.) Social Commerce Will Find More Acceptance:

Social media adds more tools and features to support easy and quick shopping through their platform. For example, Instagram allows its users to add product tags to their posts and an easy checkout option, all without leaving the website even for once. On Facebook, You can find a “Shop” category where users can browse and buy right from the platform.

Social commerce is a great marketing feature as it highly influences a buyer’s buying instinct. Remember that 54% of social media users search for their favorite products through social media platforms. Even social media referrals considerably influence the buying decisions of 71% of users. When users see a buy button on social media, they are lured into purchasing what they are attracted to.

To End With

In addition to the above-mentioned social media marketing trends, there are more than on the horizon and worth mentioning. However, all but the top five are what we had to incorporate into our list. Keep looking around for more such articles and valuable information.  

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