What Are The Key Elements Of A Truly Memorable Website?

While there is no shortage of information online of online website builders claiming to show how the perfect website can be created, many of these blogs and articles fall short of showing how to design a website that is truly memorable, and which addresses every one of the essential principles of web design.

Fortunately, designing and creating a website that is simple, informative, functional, unique, and stylish, is no longer something the average business owner has to worry about, as there are companies offering website design in Surrey, BC that will do this for you with ease.

Anyone can create a website, that much is certainly true, but only web design experts can design one that ticks all of the relevant web design boxes such as those listed below:


Simplicity can be a powerful thing when used appropriately. Instead of opting for complex designs that might look striking at first glance, but which on closer inspection may appear confusing, choose simple, modern and stunning designs that catch the eye, without being baffling.


Websites can be colorful and entertaining, but their primary purpose is to attract potential customers who may want to buy their goods or services. With this in mind, it’s imperative that a website is designed to be as informative as it is visually appealing.

Correct color selection

Bright, bold colors can instantly draw the eye to important features of a website, and if your brand is known for certain colors, a website is the perfect place to highlight and emphasize these. At the same time, try to avoid overuse of too many colors as this may detract from the message of the site, and clash with any imagery being used.

Appropriate font selection

The type of font used on a website should never be an afterthought. While it might be tempting to use an obscure font in an attempt to stand out from the crowd when designing a website, it’s rare that this does anything other than confuse or irritate users. Stick to classic fonts that are easy to read, and avoid using more than two different fonts throughout your site.

Ease of communication

If a visitor to a website experiences an issue or has a question they wish to ask, there should be clear and easy-to-access avenues for them to go down in order to find the answers they need. Websites should never be a one-way thing; two-way communication is essential.

Visual consistency

Changing the overall look and feel of your website as users go from page to page, isn’t often a good idea; it can serve to confuse visitors by not providing them with continuity and clarity of design.


Nobody wants to browse a website that looks just like every other website out there, so try to ensure that at the very least, your site has some unique features that tell it apart from your competitors.

With the help of an experienced web development company in Surrey, you can create a website that addresses all of the main principles of good web design, making it effective not just at attracting new visitors, but at converting them into paying customers, too.  

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