11 Small Business Insurance Policies Trending In 2022

Liability insurance is no longer optional for small businesses—it’s a necessity. 

A recent survey shows that 3 in 4 small businesses faced an insurable event in 2020, meaning the time to prepare for an unexpected event is now. One of the best ways to do that is by getting an insurance policy.

You can insure your business the same way you insure your home, your car, and your health. Liability insurance allows you to transfer the cost of covered risks onto an insurance carrier. If you have a claim, this could mean less money out of your pocket and less stress on your business.

Now there are thousands of different insurance policies out there, the same way there’s thousands of different small businesses. We’ve narrowed down a list of the most popular insurance policies on the market right now to help you be more proactive in protecting your business. 

1. Product Liability Insurance

Average Cost: $1,400 (get a free price quote here)

Product liability insurance is designed to protect your products and businesses that handle the production, shipment, and sale of products. These plans offer financial support to pay for claims of bodily injury, property damage, illness, or death. Without insurance, you could pay thousands in legal fees, repairs, or medical bills. You may also have to halt business or recall products while handling a claim. 

Insurance Canopy understands each business has unique insurance needs—that’s why they offer customizable product liability insurance for an affordable price. Having the right insurance for your business helps you prepare for unexpected claims, handle recalls, and place your product in stores or online marketplaces. That’s the kind of peace of mind you can’t put a price tag on!

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2. Personal Trainer Insurance

Cost: $129/year ($12.50/month)

Having personal trainer insurance can make handling accidents and claims easier. It helps trainers pay for claims of injuries, illnesses, or damages that can happen during a session or as a result of your services. It can also help you train at multiple gym locations, give nutrition or dietary advice, offer online sessions, or work with clients outside of the typical gym setting.

Thousands of trainers trust Insurance Canopy to protect themselves and their fitness businesses. Their policies include general and professional liability insurance, plus the option to customize your coverage and add on a variety of different optional policies.

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3. Food Liability Insurance

Cost: $299/year

As a food industry business, you run the risk of making a customer sick from your food, damaging a rented kitchen, or having your equipment damaged or stolen. If you try to operate without food liability insurance, you could be facing thousands of dollars in medical bills, repair costs, and legal fees. You could also be blocked from selling your food at certain locations or events.

The Food Liability Insurance Program (FLIP) provides liability coverage for food businesses—such as farmer’s market vendors, bakers, caterers, food truck owners, chefs, and concession vendors. Your business is your livelihood and your passion, and FLIP understands that needs to be protected with the best coverage available. With general, professional, and product liability insurance included in one plan, FLIP offers all the coverage you need in one place. 

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4. Dog Walker Insurance

Cost: $139/year

People love their pets and often treat them like family, making them a valuable commodity to protect. A responsible dog walking business understands this and prepares for the unexpected with a dog walking insurance policy. If you’re not insured and a pet in your care, custody, or control is hit by a car, becomes sick, or sustains another injury, you’ll be glad you had insurance to cover medical bills, legal fees, and any other financial expenses that may arise.

Pet Care Insurance stands out as a top choice for dog walkers. PCI offers insurance coverage to dog walkers without requiring you to join an association. Policies include general liability insurance, business personal property coverage, veterinarian expense reimbursement, and animal bailee all in one convenient plan.

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5. Yoga Teacher Insurance

Cost: $129/year ($12.50/month)

Yoga teacher liability insurance can help you cover claims related to student injuries, studio damages, and stolen yoga gear. You never know when something could go wrong and you could be responsible for paying hundreds or thousands of dollars in expenses on your own. 

Insurance Canopy provides coverage for general liability, professional liability, gear and equipment, and more. Policies meet most studio insurance requirements and even allow you to teach online, from your home, at events, in spas, or take your teaching on the road.

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6. Photographer Insurance

Cost: $129/year

Protecting your photography business is essential—whether you shoot on location or in your own studio. Photographers inherit many risks as part of their day-to-day business operations, such as injured clients or stolen camera equipment. Without photography liability insurance, you and your small business could owe thousands of dollars in legal fees, medical bills, and other out of pocket expenses.

Voted “Best Camera Insurance” by Shotkit, Full Frame Insurance policies for photographers are flexible, affordable, mobile, and robust enough to cover most general liability claims. Full Frame specializes in small business insurance, designing comprehensive coverage options for both photographers and videographers.

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7. DJ Insurance

Cost: $192/year ($16/month)

As a DJ, you face some unique liability risks when it comes to booking gigs, setting up shows, transporting equipment, using fog machines, or renting speakers. If your business causes injuries, illnesses, or damages, or someone steals or damages your equipment, you could be facing some expensive out-of-pocket claims.

With DJ insurance from Insurance Canopy, you’ll have coverage for general and professional liability, as well as coverage for damage to premises rented to you. DJ insurance helps to provide financial protection for you and your business—including the cost of bodily injury, property damage, or loss of personal property. 

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8. Liquor Liability Insurance

Costs vary by state (get a free quote here)

Liquor liability insurance, also known as dram shop insurance, is designed to protect alcohol-serving businesses from the risks of selling, serving, and furnishing alcohol. If your business—or someone you served alcohol to—is involved in an incident, you could be liable to pay thousands of dollars or more in fees, bills, and other expenses. Liquor-related claims tend to be costly, especially in cases involving death or serious injury. 

That’s where liquor liability insurance comes in. Insurance Canopy can help you cover part or all of out-of-pocket costs that could otherwise financially devastate your business. With general and liquor liability insurance included, Insurance Canopy creates a financial safety net to protect your business— giving you the peace of mind that comes from having the protection you need.

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9. Massage Therapy Insurance

Cost: $96/year

Massage therapy insurance can help you cover the cost of common liability claims—such as bodily injury, property damage, allergic reactions to oils, and more. As a licensed massage therapist, you don’t plan on accidents happening. However, you face risks each day while working. 

Beauty & Bodywork Insurance knows the value of protecting your practice from loss. Their policies provide professional and general liability coverage for both professionals and students. Unlike association-based insurance programs, there are no membership fees or coursework qualifications with BBI.

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10. Tutor Insurance

Cost: $99/year

Tutors face a unique set of risks. As such, you need a unique combination of insurance policies to cover your business. Tutor insurance is designed to help lower or eliminate the cost of claims so you can continue running your business with peace of mind. A single claim could cost your tutoring business thousands of dollars in out-of-pocket expenses—as well as damage your reputation as a tutor.

With general and professional liability coverage, Insurance Canopy offers a tutor insurance plan that covers the majority of risks a tutor may face. If you teach lessons in a rented space, or run your business at several different locations, their plans allow you to add an unlimited number of additional insureds for a small yearly fee. Now you can grow your tutoring business and help students get the assistance they need.

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11. Fitness Instructor Insurance

Cost: $129/year ($12.50/month)

Fitness instructor insurance is designed to help independent fitness instructors and fitness business owners cover the cost of claims for incidents such as client injuries, stolen equipment, and damaged property. Insurance can help you keep your business running smoothly and save you thousands of out-of-pocket expenses. In the case of a lawsuit, fitness instructor insurance may help you cover the costs whereas a client waiver cannot.

With Insurance Canopy, fitness instructors can access top-rated coverage tailored to their needs. From private trainers to group teachers and even online instructors, you can get a plan that is made for your industry, fulfills facility insurance requirements, and helps protect you from costly claims.

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