Top CRM Tools for Your Business in 2022

In business life, especially when we talk about relationships between companies and customers, we often hear the term CRM. What is a CRM and what are the benefits it can bring to business owners? 

CRM stands for customer relationship management and involves a method of managing interactions and establishing good relationships with clients and prospects. The technology is aimed at building good connections with customers, keeping every interaction under control, and boosting the efficiency of teamwork and revenue.

Both small startups and established enterprises use CRM tools to manage contacts, sales, customer support agents, teams of every department, and other critical areas of the sales process. According to BenchmarkONE, 91% of businesses that have a team of more than 11 employees leverage CRM solutions.

Since the top priority of every company is their customers, brands try to meet expectations and ensure great experiences. To reach these goals, they need a tool to automate the process. Business owners choose CRM software that complies with their requirements and help attain their SMART goals. CRM solutions help understand customers, boost productivity, personalize communication with users, and improve sales. Statistics prove that CRM helps boost sales and 87% of surveyed marketers confirm this fact.

When choosing software for your business, you need to consider several factors: goals, budget, integrations, user experience, and analytics. We’ll pay attention to these things when reviewing each service so that you can see the system that will help you reach your objectives.


SendPulse’s CRM will help you store information about all your customers and leads in one place. The platform allows you to make notes and take them into consideration when communicating with your consumers and making decisions. You can accept orders, keep an eye on your sales process, place deals on the Kanban board and see their statuses, and launch campaigns. This CRM software makes each deal visible, enables you to assign tasks, and contact your customers through Facebook Messenger, email, Instagram, and WhatsApp. 

Kanban board empowers you to visualize the deals and monitor those that need your special attention and action. If you focus on lead generation, you can create subscription forms, various chatbots, and popups.

The setup process is simple. SendPulse provides its users with step-by-step instructions, guides, and explanations from marketers on how to use the platform. An intuitive interface will help you figure out how everything works. You can always ask for help during your onboarding process.

Below you can see deals with different statuses and values.

Free plan 

One of the main benefits of SendPulse’s CRM is that it’s absolutely free. One user can store data, add new information about clients, create deals, monitor sales, and change statuses in CRM for free. However, if these features aren’t enough for you, you’ll need to pay a price that starts at $8/month.

Zoho CRM

The software provides users with omnichannel communication. It enables you to automate the process of reaching customers via phone, email, chat, and social media. If clients get in touch with your company, you’ll receive notifications right away. As a result, you’ll get a report on the effectiveness of communication with your prospects and consumers. 

With conversational Al and Zia assistant, you can find the necessary information in your CRM fast and get predictions on deals with certain leads and customers. This way, you’ll be able to identify prospects that are more likely to convert and bring you profit. Besides, the assistant will remind you of upcoming tasks and make suggestions. 

Canvas helps create the user interface of the CRM according to your liking. You can personalize it so that the software complies with your requirements and needs. The dashboard is simple and user-friendly. It allows users to keep sales tasks and notifications under control.

Below you can see examples of deals in Zoho CRM.


Zoho provides users with a free 15-day trial on each subscription but limits the number of users. Only 3 users can make use of the service during a free trial. There are 4 paid plans, the price of which starts at €14 if billed annually. The cheapest plan includes workflows, scoring rules, mass email, custom dashboards, and several pipelines.

This CRM is a perfect decision for those who want to make every deal visible and improve teamwork. A single platform is all you need to store important documents, contacts, and tasks. The software is available both in desktop and mobile versions so that you can work anytime you want. Moreover, the platform enables you to use offline solutions to manage tasks even without an Internet connection. You can use ready-to-go templates to create workflows. They are useful both for small and big teams to assign tasks and manage deals. The customer tracking feature enables you to get insights into interactions with clients and actions that need to be done next. 

An intuitive interface helps visualize your sales pipelines and track your prospects. If you have experience with platforms based on the Kanban board then the CRM will be easy for you to set up and use. You can customize the dashboard based on your preferences and needs. 

You can see deals with different statuses in the service

Free and paid plan’s CRM offers users a free plan available forever. The plan covers up to 2 seats, unlimited docs, boards, and 200+ templates. Yet, if you need to access features such as contact management, visual sales pipelines, mobile CRM, custom fields, and unlimited contacts, consider purchasing a paid plan which starts at $8 per seat per month.


The platform helps your team members save time on organizing customer information and focus on more important tasks such as sales. Freshworks aims at scoring leads and capturing customer experiences with a brand. With this software, you can boost efficiency and develop the right marketing strategies. The service invites users to make use of several key features. Chat campaigns allow you to communicate with your clients during their buyer journey to make sure that everything goes smoothly. Freddy Al is another useful tool that enables you to see sales forecasts for each customer based on their buying behavior. Predictive contact scoring helps you understand which prospects are more likely to become your actual buyers.

The software strives to simplify the setup and assist in all processes. Its detailed and free onboarding session is developed to make sure that users can leverage all features in no time. However, if you are not familiar with some basic tools, it will still take some time for you to get used to them.

Below you can see the Freshsales dashboard.


The company has a 21-day free trial. It allows users to test the software without filling in any credit card data. In case you have already decided that Freshworks CRM fits you perfectly, you can select one of its three paid plans. The more expensive is the subscription, the higher is the number of contacts, workflows, and additional features available. The cheapest plan costs $29/month for 1,000 marketing contacts. You’ll have access to segmentation, deal management, visitor tracking, and others.


The software simplifies the process of sales and improves profitability. This platform helps bring quality leads to your business. After, you can take the necessary measures to convert them into customers and close more deals. Pipedrive allows you to customize your pipeline to see all deals at a glance. The platform is perfect for storing all important data about your contacts. If you urgently need some information on a certain deal, you can quickly find it in your CRM. Users have the opportunity to import and update their contact list, add some notes to certain deals, send emails, and integrate the platform with other commonly used tools.

Pipedrive’s CRM has a flexible and easy-to-use interface. The platform automatically monitors every call and email to provide you with an interaction history with every client and lead. It helps predict future behavior and the probability of closing the deal. With workflow automation, you no longer need to send repetitive emails to people on your contact lists. Pipedrive’s CRM will do all the work for you automatically. As a result, you’ll save time, gain insights, and assess the progress in pursuing your goals. To make sure that users onboard successfully, the company provides customers with excellent customer support, videos, and a team of marketers people can learn from. 

Below you can see the Kanban board with statuses in Pipedrive.

14-day free trial and paid plan 

Pipedrive invites you to make use of a 14-day free trial to test the features of any plan you consider the best for your business. If you are already familiar with this software, you can choose a subscription that costs €15 per user per month. You can also select a more expensive plan if you need features such as email synchronization, click tracking, workflow builder, group emailing, and others.

One of these CRMs will make your relationships with customers better and increase the number of closed deals. Explore each to determine the best software that will help you improve customer satisfaction, boost efficiency, align the company’s departments, and make your company prosper.

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