Top 10 Powerful Time Management Skills for Higher Time Precision

You know one powerful mantra most successful businesses swear by? It is the power to make most of the least time in hand they have. Time management and time tracking for each minute you spend on a project are essential to ensure you can produce according to your company’s mission.

All of us are looking for tips to master the essential part of all i.e. time management. Here are the top 10 tips for efficient time management to help you become a great leader!

(Expert tip: a time tracking and billing software will help you to efficiently track time and bill your clients.)

1. Start auditing your time.

In the entire process of time management, the first step is you need to know where your time actually goes. It is finding out the activities taking most of your time and if they are worth the value.

You might believe that you’re only spending half an hour on let’s say, sending out invoices, but in reality, it might be taking you an hour or so. Similarly, there might be hundreds of activities out there that would be eating away your time without you realizing much.

The simplest you can do here is opting for a time tracking software. It will help you know each minute that you’re spending on work and then make appropriate adjustments.

2. Set a time limit for every task.

Do you know setting time limits prevents you from becoming lethargic? It prevents you from getting distracted and completing work on time. Decide the task’s importance in your schedule and devote the necessary time limit to it.

3. Always Plan ahead.

One of the worst things you can do for the day is waking up without a plan in mind. No matter how productive you want your day to be, a lucky day will never lead you to destinations.

That’s why it is critical to plan your day. You can use one of the below-listed options for the same:

  • The night before. Before you leave work for the day, spend the last 15-minutes organizing your office and creating a list of your most important to-dos for tomorrow.
  • First thing in the morning. During your morning routine, write down the three or four most imperative and necessary matters that require to be addressed these days and work on those once you’re most efficient.

4. Learn to Delegate your task.

As individual handling that task, you always know its priority and importance. In order to unburden yourself always delegate the least important tasks and keep in hand the ones that are unique and hold utmost importance.

For example, you cannot always track each minute spent on a project. Use an online time tracker to track time and invoice your clients accordingly easily. It is both a professional and smarter, a way to save time.

5. Take small breaks between tasks and meetings.

The human mind can focus a maximum of 90 minutes on a task. Take small breaks between meetings and projects to simply give your brains some time to rest and prepare themselves for the activities coming ahead of you.

Go for a short walk, meditate, or just day dream. Give your mind some time to relax and you will find you focus better and productivity levels going higher.

6. Get More Organised With Help of Technology.

An average American spends almost 2.5 days each year looking for misplaced items. As a result, we spend over $2.7 billion annually in replacing the lost items. Instead of wasting both your time and money, get more organized with help of the technology.

For example, you can opt for online invoice software to record all your invoices and save important client information simultaneously as the cloud. It will save you lot of room and makes accessibility easier. The same software can also help you in managing and tracking time with free time tracking software. Wearing a smart watch can also help you keep track of how much time you are spending on certain tasks.

There are tons or businesses that operate to help other businesses save time and resources. If you’re working in the dental idustry consider looking into retailers who will keep your dental practice stocked on disposables, anesthetics, endodontic products and more. Many sites will compare prices for you and will alow you to set up automatic reorders, which can help save you money and time looking for the best prices.

7. Follow the 80-20 rule.

“The Pareto Principle, also known as the 80-20 rule suggests that 80% of results come from 20% of the effort put in. This is commonly used in sales as 80% of sales typically come from 20% of the customers,” “When it comes to how you should manage your time, this principle can also be applied. 80% of your results come from 20% of your actions.”

In order to accomplish the same, create a to-do list for the day and include the tasks that need your priority the highest. This way you will eliminate unnecessary items from your list and spend most of your time doing what holds utmost importance.

8. Use Technologies available online.

Wiser is the one who opens his arms to the latest technologies that will help him become more productive. Access to the latest technologies available will only make your work more streamlined and tasks easier.

For instance, when using time tracking and billing software, you will have to track time or send manually create and send invoices manually. It is saving much of your time that you can now spend on more productive activities. Moreover, it is the accuracy that you get the most.

9. Say “No”- Be Realistic

You’re not a pro! It is right. You don’t want to hurt anyone but unnecessarily piling yourself up with work you cannot complete will eventually stretch more. Be a bit more realistic and accept the job you will be able to complete. In the end, your quality and productivity will only be judged only on the basis of how good you’re able to deliver.

10. Club Similar Tasks Together.

Smartly club together all the similar tasks and schedule them at the same time. For example: when you have to send invoices for the billable hours, use your time tracking software, check hours and then send invoices via time tracking and billing software such as Invoicera. It will make your lives much more straightforward.

In the End:

Here is a list of best tips to manage your time efficiently and become more productive. It will help you avoid all the fuss about time management and productivity. A web-based time tracking software is nothing but your help to manage time monitoring for your employees and project management hassle-free.

Find out the top 3 time tracking software, that you can easily integrate within your current environment, below:


It is one of the most powerful business management solutions that help you to manage your entire workflow. Invoicera is an online invoice software that comes with in-built time tracking. It lets you track your invested hours in a particular project, records them, and easily converts them into invoices without external interferences. Apart from this, Invoicera has some more exclusive features added to its software, such as:


  • Invoice approval process/ customized approval process
  • Two-factor authentication
  • Multiple business access
  • 30+payment gateways
  • 3 layers account security
  • Staff management
  • A/R&A/P Management
  • Multi-lingual compatible Invoices

Time Doctor

Time Doctor is a time tracking software that helps you know the productivity of your team. It will help you know each minute that you’re spending on work and then make appropriate adjustments. It is best suitable for teams of 100-500 employees. This web based solution provides you with time tracking, activity monitoring, screenshots, and reminders.


  • Time Tracking and Employee Monitoring
  • Online Timesheets and Payroll
  • Project Management and Budgeting
  • Productivity Measuring and Summary Reports
  • Distractions Alerts
  • Website App and Chat Monitoring
  • Screenshots/Webcam Shots and Activity levels
  • Integrations and API

Project Hours

It is a convenient and low-cost time tracking software. It records projects, reports, and activities in excel sheets. You can easily integrate it in your iOS, Android, or personal computers. It started in 2016 and has captured many business houses till now.

Don’t forget to tell us if our top 3 time tracking software helped you manage your time more precisely and grow your business.

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