How to Take Your Cat on a Walk

Allowing your cat to explore outside can be beneficial to your feline friend’s life, but many pet parents worry that their little friend may get lost out there. Another worry that pet owners have to let their cat outside is the preying that they do on little critters. If you want your cat to get the benefits of going outside without all the worry, consider taking your cat on a walk. More and more pet owners are getting their kitty a harness and leash and going out for a walk. While it may seem a little silly at first, you may find that you can have a lot of fun with your cat outside. Plus an added benefit if you’ll delight pretty much every person who walks by and gets to witness the joy of seeing a cat on a leash. If you’re considering taking your cat on a walk, read on to get some tips to keep your cat happy and healthy.

Getting Your Cat Used to the Leash and Harness

One of the hardest parts about taking your cat on a walk is getting them used to the leash and harness. Doctor Eloise Bright claims that a veterinarian in Cats in North Rye, Australia, requires a “gentle presentation”, so plan to provide your cat with plenty of treats to get them used to their walking gear. Use treats to help get them interested in walking instead of expecting them to follow you excitedly as a dog would. If you are raising a kitten, consider starting your training early since a younger kitten may be more open to trying new things. Who knows, with a little practice you regularly included long walks outside in his daily regimen.

There are countless leashes available that aim to set your kitty up for the optimum stroll. . According to Bright, when looking for an ideal cat leash, you should think about using an elastic band such as a bungee rope to provide a cat with room to stroll and never utilize a retractable leash or rope with a cat as they are more likely to rupture, entangle, and create a string that could be a hazard to your cat.

The harness can be a little trickier. Since cats are usually more slender and agile, they can easily wiggle out of small spaces, such as a harness. Some tips to finding something they can’t easily slip out of is to look a cat harness snug enough that it doesn’t shift when your cat moves, yet loose enough that two fingers can easily fit between the covering. and remember, try to make the experience of putting on the harness rewarding. They may not like it, but with practice and lots of treats they’ll learn to get used to it. Offer your cat lots of rewards while you delicately position his head in the harness. Additionally, don’t expect them to get used to it after only your first attempt. To not overwhelm your cat, take it in small incremental steps with lots of practice.

Learning to On-Leash

After your leash and harness training, it may be tempting to get out on the street with your cat, however that is the opposite of what you want to do. Again, remember small, incremental steps are key. If you have a backyard or porch area, try letting them explore out there. Remember when you first brought your cat home, it is always recommended to confine your cat to a smaller area such as a bedroom or bathroom so they can get used to their new home and not feel overwhelmed. Well, the same applies to the outdoors. By limiting them to a smaller area outside, you can help them feel comfortable and get used to the idea of being outside. Eventually, when they’ve gotten used to that small area, you can move them to a larger area over time. Meister-Yetter suggests rewarding your cat with treats and affection while he wears the harness for however long it takes for him to become used to the area you’ve allowed them to explore.

The first stroll with your cat
When taking your cat outside for the first time, pick a peaceful area on a nice day. Your cat might seem uneasy about the new sounds and sights, but eventually, they’ll get used to it.

Getting your cat to go on walks is not an easy process, but don’t give up if you feel like it is good for them and they’ll enjoy it. Keep in mind that depending on the feline, this process could take months, so remember patience and try to make things as favorable as possible. Please Check: lego promo code

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