9 Coworking Space Benefits for Remote Workers

Remote working can be a satisfying experience. The freedom from long commutes, traffic jams, and hectic schedules indeed feels rewarding. However, working from home brings in a fair share of challenges. 

The absence of a proper work environment along with at-home distractions has affected the productivity of many remote workers. Further, remote workers often feel isolated and cut off from the team. Hence, to ensure productivity and better mental health in this fast-paced world, remote workers are turning to coworking spaces for working in a professional work environment. 

Did you know approximately 933K people in the U.S. are already using coworking spaces? This number is enough to tell us about the popularity of coworking spaces. 

A study by TeamStage reported that 64% of remote employees have observed an increase in productivity ever since they started working from a coworking space. Further, 68% of these employees said that their concentration levels improved.

Coworking spaces offer excellent benefits to remote workers. In this blog, let us explore various reasons why coworking spaces are the best option for your remote teammates.

1. Provides an Opportunity to Work in a Professional Space

Coworking spaces offer employees the right work environment with the infrastructure required to create a professional and productive work environment. For example, coworking spaces are equipped with high-speed internet, secure network infrastructure, video conferencing capabilities, mail service, printers, scanners, and other equipment. 

It also offers teams the flexibility to choose the time and place they wish to work from. For example, if employees wish to work for extended hours on Mondays, they can do so by informing the concerned management team. As the memberships are booked on a monthly basis, they have the flexibility to change the workstation as per their work requirements.

2. Eliminates Work-from-Home Distractions

Regardless of how determined your remote employees are about completing the tasks, working from home often brings in a lot of distractions. For example, the urge to check phones as soon as a notification is received, visiting the kitchen to grab some food, or chatting with family members. Remote workers often carry out home chores instead of working on the tasks assigned to them.

Although these activities seem to be minuscule, they consume a significant amount of time making them less productive. This results in delays in submissions and missed deadlines.

Working from a coworking space helps remote employees keep such distractions at bay. It motivates them to manage their time effectively and finish the tasks on time. 

3. Helps Build a Routine 

Balancing work and personal life is a struggle for most remote workers. They often work after office hours to complete the pending tasks. Whether it is replying to a simple email or attending a short virtual meeting, it disrupts their work-life balance. 

Working from a coworking space pushes remote teams to stick to a work schedule and carry out professional responsibilities in the stipulated time. It structures their day and brings stability by setting boundaries for work and personal life. By separating the two, they feel motivated, happy, and satisfied. 

4. Boosts Productivity

Working from home upholds work flexibility but this can lead to procrastination and chaotic routines, thereby hampering productivity. 

Moving to a coworking space helps remote teams stay disciplined while enjoying flexibility. Plus, they are away from the work-from-home distractions. All this boosts productivity and performance. With 100% focus and attention to the task, they are more likely to finish it in less amount of time without compromising on its quality. 

The perfect desk setup and distraction-free environment contribute to building a great office setting that fosters creativity and responsibility and promotes productivity.

5. Reduces Remote Work Anxiety and Isolation

Working from home can at times make your remote employees feel lonely and cut off from the team. It can impact their mental health, leading to depression or anxiety. According to a study conducted by Qualtrics, 44.4% of working professionals admitted that remote working hurts an employee’s mental health because of the isolation and the stress it caused.

By joining a coworking space, your employees will be surrounded by working professionals throughout the work day. They can strike friendships with these professionals and chat with them during break times. It will provide them with the much-needed support that was missing while they were working from home. 

6. Access to Top-Class Amenities

Coworking spaces offer unique facilities and amenities that can help remote employees focus solely on their work. Conference rooms, meeting rooms, offices, well-equipped gyms, and cafeterias are common in coworking spaces.

These spaces are designed to accommodate various working styles. If your employees enjoy working from a traditional office setup, you can book a cubicle for them. If they prefer an outdoor setting or a relaxed environment, you can opt for workstations on an open terrace or high-rise tables on the premises. 

Some coworking spaces also offer meditation rooms, gaming zones, daycare rooms, nap rooms, and other amenities to improve the productivity and well-being of employees. 

7. Presents Opportunities for Networking and Collaboration

Joining a coworking space allows remote employees to be surrounded by like-minded professionals who are themselves working remotely. By meeting these professionals from different industries, job roles, and skills, your employees can network with new acquaintances to build meaningful business connections and offer fresh business ideas. 

Coworking spaces offer employees ample opportunities to connect with other professionals across various industries and grow their networks. They might meet some people who could greatly help the projects they are working on. 

Besides, coworking spaces hold networking events for business partnerships, collaboration opportunities, and educational workshops. These events will help in building lasting relationships with talented professionals. 

8. Ensures Flexibility in the Work Location

Coworking places are located in almost every corner of the world. If the remote employees are avid travelers, they can work from different locations without disrupting the work routine or productivity. All they need to do is book a desk at a coworking space and get started. 

Destination coworking, as it is commonly called, enables remote employees to visit new cities and satiate their passion for travel without going broke. Some coworking spaces are open 24X7 allowing them to work on a holiday or Sundays, thereby saving some time for exploring places without compromising on work delivery.

9. Upholds Social Wellbeing 

Working from home and remote work are often accompanied by social isolation. According to the 2020 State of the Digital Workplace report by Igloo, 70% of remote employees feel left out of their workplace. This eventually leads to social isolation and mental issues like depression.

Working from a coworking space exposes remote workers to a large community of freelancers, talented professionals, entrepreneurs, and business owners from different industries. They can socialize with other professionals like themselves over a cup of coffee and make meaningful connections. 

Coworking spaces provide a social atmosphere for making professional connections and building a community. Besides, they also organize fun events, lunches, workshops, and other after-work activities to engage the existing members. 

Summing Up

Coworking spaces offer remote workers interactive and motivating workspaces that are equipped with modern office amenities. Working from a coworking space keeps your remote employees away from distractions and boosts their productivity. We are sure by now you are convinced of the benefits these spaces can offer to your remote teams. 

Author Bio

Aanya Rachel is the Content Manager at The Address, a coworking space in Ahmedabad, Gujarat. She is passionate about sharing her knowledge, experience, and extensive research in this field. She writes on a wide range of topics related to coworking, the growth of remote workers, startups, and real estate.