Why a workation is good for your business

Workation is very popular among young professionals. It is a mix of vacation and work and usually involves remote work at a location other than the office. Someone could for example work remotely from a cabin in the woods area or a cross-country beach resort for a longer time where you need to worry about how to pack light for Europe.

A significant rise in work from home has been caused by the COVID-19 pandemic. This has provided greater flexibility and better work-life balance for many. But working from home can be monotonous and isolating. These feelings can be alleviated by a workation, which offers a change in scenery and allows you to explore new areas.

The employee’s perspective on workations

A work environment that makes you feel comfortable is certainly a big plus. You’re less likely to become distracted by the clutter in your office and lose focus. People often find they are more motivated and have more energy when they are not working in an office environment. A new environment can help you think creatively and generate new ideas. You can also find great activities for relaxation if you choose the right destination.

However, there are some potential drawbacks. It can sometimes be hard to focus when working in a new environment. You might encounter distractions at a new workplace that you don’t experience at home. It can also be difficult to keep in touch with clients and colleagues when you aren’t in the same place. There’s always the possibility that something might go wrong. For example, your laptop could be lost or the internet connection may not work properly.

There are many ways to approach workations. Some prefer to travel and see new places, while others stay at a single place. The best way to find out what works is to try different things and discover what you like..

The employers’ perspectives on workations

Employers see many benefits in workations. The most obvious benefit of workations is the ability to increase staff morale and retention. Who wouldn’t love to work for a company that allows them to travel the world? Millennials and Gen Zs in particular are more likely to explore options that allow them to travel the world while still being employed full-time.

Workations can also help increase productivity. This is because employees feel more inspired and motivated when they work in a new environment. Workations are also a great way to encourage creativity and collaboration because employees are required to work in close quarters.

Workations are a powerful marketing tool for companies. Sharing photos and stories about employees living and working in exotic locations is a great way to showcase your company’s values.

Key Takeaways

There are some things you should keep in mind if you are thinking of a workation. It is essential to find a location with good internet connectivity. It is also important to think about the cost of travel and accommodation, which can quickly add up. It is also important to be comfortable with the privacy and quiet you will enjoy, as these can vary from one place to another.

Our insider tip: Ulbinghof in Untergreuth close to the beautiful Lake Faakersee. We chose Ulbinghof because it is in the middle of nature and yet not too far from leisure activities. Hiking, climbing, mountain biking, swimming, SUP can all be found within a radius of 3 to 4 km. What was also great was the availability of hardware that you usually don’t take with you on vacation. This includes for example an external monitor, printer, scanner and even a fax (!) – all  available at Ulbinghof.

It’s very inspiring when you sit on the balcony, take a look over the edge of the monitor and enjoy the impressive Mittagskogel or the beautiful Faakersee. Or you can just watch cows grazing in the pasture.

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