PWA vs. Hybrid vs. Native apps. Which Should You Choose?

When it came to mobile apps, native iOS and Android code was formerly the only way to go. However, this has the drawback of requiring distinct codebases for similar applications, resulting in high expenditures. However, mobile app development has evolved rapidly in recent years, and there are numerous technologies to select from. Native, hybrid, and PWA mobile apps have benefits and drawbacks but don’t be concerned. You’ll be able to decide the best solution for your mobile app by the end of this article. 

Native App Development 

It is the traditional method of creating apps designed to run exclusively on a particular platform and written in a specific programming language. Java or Kotlin will be used for Android, while Swift or Objective-C will be used for iOS. 

Because of their enormous communities, these programs are well-known for their performance, stability, solid support, and ease of development. In terms of technological capabilities, it is at the lead. Because of the simplified code, the application runs faster, and native modules may be used. 

When is native app development the best option? 

● One-of-a-kind app for a single platform; 

● Custom software development that requires smooth integration; ● Games or programs with a lot of animation; 

● Not limited to Budget and time. 

Hybrid app development 

The term hybrid comes from the fact that this solution integrates native and web solutions. Web apps with a native WebView component wrapped over them are hybrid mobile apps. You can create them with web technologies like HTML, CSS, and JavaScript, and by employing plugins, you can give them complete access to mobile device capability.

When should hybrid app development be used? 

● Digital product with a broad user base available on multiple platforms; ● Content-based app with no complex elements; 

● Testable as a Minimum Viable Product (MVP). 

Progressive Web Applications (PWAs) 

The so-called Progressive Web Application is an intriguing concept. PWAs are software that can be used as a website or a web application. This technology allows you to construct app-like websites quickly. They have a similar appearance to smartphone applications, but they are not to be mistaken for one another. PWAs function similarly to websites but with the bonus of feeling like a native mobile app. 

When should progressive web apps be used? 

● Modern e-commerce experience, comprising porting web e-commerce platform to support also a mobile app; 

● It has a level of security similar to that of web applications. 

● Multi-platform app with native functionality. 

Which should you choose: native, hybrid, or PWA? 

Each solution has its own set of advantages and disadvantages. Consider your budget, timelines, target audience, and digital product specifications. All of the details are crucial. A much cheaper, more general solution can fulfill most business demands. The amount of effort and money you wish to spend on them may influence your final decision. 


As you can see, each of these sorts of apps has a lot of differences. Many factors will influence which option is ideal, including the product, the target audience, the timeline, the money, and, most importantly, the core business.

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