8 Yoga Teacher Trends For 2023

New year, new yogi! As yoga continues to rise in popularity, more yoga teachers are looking for ways to differentiate themselves and find new students. 

Insurance Canopy, who specializes in yoga instructors insurance, is sharing the inside scoop on eight trends they see yoga teachers embracing more in 2023.

1. Music Healing

By this point, most people have heard of a sound bath. The resonant echo can be calming and healing for many. But these aren’t the only sounds you can listen to during a yoga class.

Lots of people form special, emotional connections with music. It has been a proven healing technique for years, helping with memory loss, chronic pains, and even mental health. 

For a fun class idea, have students share their favorite songs and play them during your next session. Or, start utilizing music during your classes if you haven’t already. Play around with different sounds and styles until you find something you like.

2. Sports Yoga

Athletes are starting to utilize yoga as a supplement to their training. Whether someone plays a sport professionally or for fun, yoga can enhance one’s performance. It can also help individuals target specific muscle groups to build strength or get a deeper stretch. 

You can try hosting a class for athletes in your area, or visiting a sports team to give them a quick lesson on the benefits of yoga. 

3. Destination Classes

If you ever wanted yoga with a “wow” factor, this is it. Yoga retreats are now being taken to unique and beautiful destinations, giving students the chance to unplug from the world and get a cool photo for Instagram later.

While it might not be possible for you to take your whole class to a remote tropical island, you can try looking for local spots to host classes for the day. Taking a session outdoors can heighten the experience and better connect students with nature. Embrace the different seasons and unique environments your area may have to offer.

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4. Mental Health Wellness

The heart, body, soul, and mind are all deeply connected. When someone feels like they are struggling with their mental health, it can often impact other parts of their being. 

You can try having some of your classes focus on mental healing by releasing stored emotions or trauma. Guided meditation can help ease stress and anxiety, and teach students calming techniques through breathing exercises. 

It may also be beneficial to invite a mental health professional to a class to teach you and your students more about taking care of one’s mental wellbeing. 

5. Virtual Yoga

Since the pandemic, there has been a boom in virtual yoga classes. You can now teach your techniques to individuals all over the world who may otherwise have never had the chance to learn from you. 

There are some struggles with online classes since you don’t have any control over the environment students are in. No matter where they are or what’s going on around them, they are listening to your voice and guidance to help them find inner peace and relaxation. Do your best to make sure you are filming or broadcasting from a calm space and give your students tips for making their space more comfortable or inviting. 

Many yoga teachers engage in a hybrid style of teaching. They will lead in-person courses while also doing some virtual work. It can be as simple as broadcasting your classes or creating and filming your own self-guided yoga videos. 

6. Wedding Day Sessions

Wedding days can get stressful—from last minute mishaps to all the anticipation leading up to that special moment. There’s no better way to let go of the worries and embrace the emotions than with a wedding day yoga session.

Brides are looking for yoga teachers to come lead their bridal parties in a unique class before they walk down the aisle. Expect to be teaching a smaller group of people, so you can get really personal with these mini sessions. Breathwork and meditation techniques are a great way to bring peace and calm energy into a wedding party. 

7. Sensory Yoga

Yoga is a very grounding practice and helps us realize the things within us. But what about the things surrounding us? 

Sensory yoga looks to evoke one or all five human senses during a class: sight, sound, smell, touch, and taste. This can be done through lighting, music, aromatics, oils, and natural supplements. Engaging the senses during a class is believed to help students build a better connection with their bodies and self-awareness. 

8. Spiritual Philosophy 

Spiritual journeys help individuals feel connected to themselves, others, nature, and other forces in the universe. Yoga can help enhance this quest for higher power and understanding for many. 

Help your students better connect with their souls and spirits by guiding them through deep meditation, leading discussions before or after class, encouraging journaling, and uplifting students’ minds. Try posing a deep, thought-provoking question at the start of class and allow students to internally search for the answer during the session.

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