Why CI/CD Pipelines Are Becoming More Important

Developers, especially for mobile apps, are under more pressure than ever to release more code faster – 83% of devs say they’re releasing code faster than they did in 2021. In order to keep up with the massively rising demand, new tools and techniques are being developed to streamline and help get new code out faster. CI/CD stands for continuous integration, continuous delivery, and continuous deployment and is a new method used by developer teams and companies around the world to help streamline and increase code output and DevOps processes. 

While many have adopted the power of CI/CD pipelines, many developers, especially in the booming mobile app industry, are missing out on a crucial piece of tech. With over 7.3 billion mobile users around the world, mobile apps are a massive market, making the push for faster updates ever more in demand. The 255 billion mobile apps downloaded in 2022 alone has demanded developers to pick up the pace when making new content and updates. Those who have integrated CI/CD into their development process see benefits ranging from catching more bugs sooner into production to being able to stay up to date with the rapidly changing mobile ecosystem.

Learn more about how CI/CD is changing and streamlining the gargantuan mobile app market here.

The Importance of Automating Your Mobile CI/CD Pipeline
Source: BitRise.io

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