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Mobile phone tracking was never as simple as it is today thanks to the most user-friendly TheOneSpy android tracker app. It is one of the most advanced cell phone tracker apps that enables a user to monitor and operate a phone without physical access. From anywhere in the world, you can access your phone data and monitor activities performed on your cell phone. The spy app is designed to enable users to keep track of the cell phone activities of their loved ones and working personnel. Here we have reviewed TheOneSpy android monitoring app to let you have a deep insight into this high-tech phone tracker app.

How does TheOneSpy Track a Phone?

If you want to track a phone with the help of the spy app, you need to get a device installed with the app. In some cases, you need to root the android phone to install the premier version of the spy app. There is also a basic version of the app for unrooted android mobile phones. After installation, the spy app gains access to the important phone data which includes but is not limited to messages, phone calls, contacts, media files, internet browsing history, key logs, and emails. The app automatically uploads data to the web portal of TheOneSpy that is also used as an online control panel of the spy app. The user of the spy app can log into the web portal to track the targeted smartphone and make it perform certain actions.

What Can Phone Tracker App Do?

The cell phone monitoring solution of TheOneSpy comes with hundreds of rooted and unrooted features. From capturing real-time events to monitoring the use of social apps, the android spy app offers different perks to the spy app user. Read on to know about the core features of the phone tracker software.

Capture Phone Screen

Do you want to know how your target phone is being used and what activities are being performed in real-time? The spy software for android mobile devices lets you record the screen of the monitored phone by sending a remote command via an online control panel. You can also take screenshots to capture mobile phone screen with specific interludes.

Monitor Social Media

The high-tech spy app lets you monitor Instagram, Facebook, Tinder, Tumblr, and many other social apps. Moreover, you can track instant messengers including WhatsApp, Line, Viber, IMO, Snapchat, Skype, Telegram and Kik. You can track texts, audio calls, video calls, and media files exchanged via the above mentioned social and instant messengers.

Operate Camera & MIC

The android spy software lets you operate cameras and microphones of the monitored cell phones. You can turn on primary and secondary cameras to take photos and make videos of the surroundings. The remotely turned on microphone also lets you listen to the surrounding sounds.

Track GPS Location

The tracker app lets you know the current location of your cell phone. By logging into the online control panel, you can see the exact current GPS location of the monitored device. Also, you can see a detailed history of locations visited with the monitored cell phone and track phone location.

Get Browsing History

If you are monitoring your kid’s smartphone, the spy app lets you monitor internet use. The spy app accesses the internet browsing history of Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox to let you identify if your kid’s internet use is healthy or not.

Get Passwords

If you always forget your passwords, the phone tracker app helps you recall your important credentials. The android tracking app syncs keystrokes of passwords, usernames and email addresses to provide you with confidential information put on the monitored cell phone.

Call Recorder

The phone calls made and received via monitored cell phones can be listened through the online control panel. The phone tracking app gets all inbound and outbound phone calls recorded to let you track and review these phone calls.

SMS Tracker

The incoming and outgoing text messages can be monitored with the help of the phone tracking app. The spy app also lets you retrieve deleted messages and contact information of message senders and receivers.

You can manage many other functions of your android mobile phone with the help of the phone tracker app, TheOneSpy. Learn more about the spy software here.

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