Local Search Marketing For Lawyers

If your strategy properly integrates these elements, you’ll be well-positioned for long-term exposure in local search without the need for fridge magnets:

  • Making local directory entries
  • Obtaining online feedback
  • Creating a one-of-a-kind website
  • Acquiring connections, likes, and shares
  • Using sponsored advertising

You Must Have a Professional Website

If you don’t have a website or are dissatisfied with the one you have, a new start may make a big impact quickly. 

If you’ve never claimed or produced any local directory entries, here’s a list of places you may try on a quiet day. This may result in immediate traffic back to your main website or contact pages. 

If you have customers who rave about you, inviting them to provide reviews on your local listings can boost your ranks and lead to additional clicks. 

You may quickly gain some fast connections to your website if you sponsor local events in your region. The goal is to identify a location where you can move the needle far and quickly. 

Concentrate on where the customers are. If you reside in Seattle, Yelp might be a great spot to concentrate your efforts. If you reside in Burley, Idaho, Yelp is a dog’s bark, not a website where people can locate attorneys. The simplest approach to find out where your customers look for local companies online is to just ask them in a survey or casual chat. 

Concentrate on Something You Understand

If there is one piece of advice that can save you hours and thousands of dollars in local search marketing, it is this: Don’t begin until you understand how and why you are doing it. 

Many attorneys are taken advantage of by slick salesmen with the newest and greatest shiny new marketing gadget to sell.

If you haven’t taken the time to study the fundamentals of how local search marketing works and flows together, it’s a guarantee that you’ll be cutting down a tree with a dull spoon for days.

If your company has ever moved, you can bet there is a lot of disinformation about your new location. Perhaps your old phone number and mail forwarding still work, but did you realize that this disinformation confuses not only your customers but also search engines, hurting your local search performance? Has your company ever changed its name? Maybe “Attorney at Law” to “& Associates?” Ask an expert to assist you in determining how much misinformation exists about your company. 

Make Use of Local Keywords

To maximize the effectiveness of your local search marketing, you must maintain consistency between your GMB listing and your law business website. The easiest way to do this is to utilize the same local keywords on your GMB profile, landing page, and website. 

Local keywords are often created by adding the name of the city or area to the primary keyword.

When “estate planning attorney” becomes “Cleveland estate planning attorney,” for example, it becomes a local keyword. Spread relevant local keywords across your website to inform Google that you aim to target a local audience.

If you need more information on what these are, check out this company that provides personal injury lawyer SEO.

Remember the following:

  • Include the local keyword in your website’s title and meta descriptions
  • Include as many diverse local keywords as possible in the H1 tags of your website pages
  • Make an effort to include the keywords throughout the material. Each term, however, must fit smoothly within the content
  • Insert the term into the alt tags of your website’s photos

This is only a partial list of what local search can do for your law career. Consider taking a social media advertising class at your local community college to really get down to the nitty-gritty.