How to increase Shopify sales with a Mobile App?

Shopify has become the most popular eCommerce framework. It also powers one million plus businesses globally.

This platform reigns 31% of the whole eCommerce market share of the US. It is also the most popular eCommerce solution on Google’s search engine. Shopify is also the fastest-growing eCommerce framework in existence. So, if you are using Shopify, you have made the right decision.

Owning an eCommerce store, your responsibility is to ensure that your products keep on selling.

For that, you have to maximize your store’s potential. Your website just being mobile-friendly is the minimum that one can do to increase sales.

Additionally, without any concern with the industry, your online store will need a Shopify mobile app.

Mobile apps have high statistics of usage in the market, and consumers across the globe prefer mobile apps over websites. So, even if you own a small business or a medium-sized business, an eCommerce app will benefit you.

In this article, we will see different strategies and tips about how to improve Shopify store sales using a mobile app. In the end, you will also have a robust understanding of how to develop a strong Shopify mobile app and boost your business sales.

How mobile apps can help businesses increase Shopify Sales?

When you own a Shopify app, it will have to compete with tech giants like Amazon. To perform well, you have to fulfill customers’ requirements through your app. This article will help you with some techniques to enhance your Shopify sales. Let’s see some tips here:

Better Customer customization

Customers always prefer customization and personalized recommendations from stores. App development is an effective way of giving customers the services they want.

AI technologies can be easily used in mobile apps. When you are availing mobile app development services from experts, it is a good idea to integrate AI technology. With this implementation, it is easy for you to track how people are engaging with your app. The app can automatically give suitable products for each user based on what they are searching for and purchasing.

When the user notices that the suggested product is similar to what they are looking for, it turns out to be most likely that they will buy it. Cross-selling and upselling are done by using personalized suggestions for the customers. In both cases, the final consequence will improve the income.

Push Notifications

Once the connectivity is achieved with users through your mobile app, sales will increase unbearably. 

You can easily interact with the customers each day using emails or chat boxes. But many factors contribute to a successful email campaign.

For a digital marketing blog write for us email campaign to become successful, one has to turn the site visitors into email subscribers. Even though the visitors will join the list, communication is not 100% promised. There’s also no guarantee that the user will even open or go through the email.

Hence, push notifications are important for switching from websites to apps. Once the user installs your eCommerce mobile app, you can easily transfer your message to them using push notifications.

Push notifications can beat emails based on engagement factor as they will pop up in the user’s mobile just like a text message. The chances of users reading the push notification are much higher than reading a random email in their inbox.

If you want to increase Shopify sales using a mobile app, you have to send only push notifications that add value to the customers. Send them brief information about flash sales, discount codes, delivery notifications, etc.

On the other hand, sending weekly emails can appear annoying to specific customers and they may mute your app notifications too.

Attractive Referral Codes

eCommerce apps launch many referral schemes; however, not all such schemes are pioneers. For implementing a successful referral code, one has to convert the website into a Shopify mobile app.

In such a program, users will get a small incentive for recommending your app to others for use. After they recommend it, also keep a note of how they shared the app information with their near ones. 

The referral code technique is a complicated process when users are not using your mobile app. Hence, you have to encourage them to use your mobile app and in switching with that, you can provide them some rewards.

A mobile app will help you skip the time-consuming process of adding names, emails, and other data manually. It can give referrals by just using the user’s contacts when users offer referrals by just choosing the names from their contact list, which helps them share promo codes via social media accounts as well. This process will increase the number of users of your app in no time.

Loyalty Programs

The scheme of the loyalty program is one of the great ways to get your customers. This program assists people with an incentive for spending more and enhances their frequency of shopping. This matrix will improve your Shopify sales.

A simple question is- Is providing a loyalty program possible without having a mobile app? Yes, it is. But mobile apps can make it easy to take this loyalty program to another level. 

For beginners, it is unlikely that users will visit the site every day. Even the best users may buy online from your online store twice or thrice a month.

There’s a high possibility that users do not even have the eagerness to check their loyalty status while browsing your website, navigating, and login into their profile.

However, users use their smartphones every time. So, your mobile app is just one click away from users. It makes the task easy for users to see their purchase status and get incentives to get to the next level.

Augmented Reality

AR- Augmented Reality is also one of the top online shopping trends in this technological world. It may not be everyone’s cup of tea, but when AR is used correctly, it can bring benefits to your mobile app.

In Augmented Reality, the mobile app installed on your phone will use your phone’s camera for showing what your purchase will look like in the real world.

For instance, Lenskart can show you how your spectacles will look on your face; IKEA shows how the furniture will look in their home and many other uses.

Smart Marketing tool

Smartphone apps are known to be one of the famous marketing tools for enhancing eCommerce sales.

Your mobile Shopify app is nothing but the extension of your online store that represents you as a reliable brand. This app plays an essential role in developing your brand value in the market.

You can immediately interact with your consumers and offer them quick support and maintenance using your mobile eCommerce app.

Moreover, apps are unique platforms used for marketing your latest services and products. They help in marketing products and also let your consumers know about your ongoing projects and services.

When you are marketing your products using mobile apps, it opens particular possibilities for your business and can bring a lot of revenue when implemented correctly.

Apps will improve your brand image

Marketing and branding is always a fantastic process for enhancing the traditional appearance of your organization, its services, and how it influences the audience.

When you are successful in delivering the correct product/service to an accurate audience, they will also like to take advantage of other products and services that you provide. This process will automatically increase your sales.

If you have a good brand name with minimal complaints and negative feedback, you are earning more customers in no time. Mobile apps can enhance brand image because if your organization holds an app also, customers will automatically get impressed by this. Ultimately it will grow your ROI and bring sales.

Concluding words

Developing Technology + write for us an app is a powerful thing that can help you bring a noticeable hike in your Shopify sales. With increasing mobile users, owning a mobile app is helping you to reach a huge audience and give them a customized shopping experience.

Implementing the tips and tricks mentioned in the above article, optimization of UI, using push notifications, using social media, etc, can help you boost Shopify sales.

Do not forget to collect regular feedback from your users and repeat the testing and maintenance of the app to check on the performance and usability factors. An amazing mobile app can assist your business to stay in the competition and also provide users with an effortless UX that they would like to use again.

Bookmark us for more such technology articles and the latest technical updates. Happy reading!

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