5 simple tips on how to improve your websites ranking in 2020

If you want your website to rank well on search engines then you need to be proactive. The ever-changing algorithm of Google creates an ongoing challenge for your website to stay on top. 

There are simple and effective ways you can overcome these challenges and we can show you how with our 5 top tips on how to improve your website’s search ranking. Keep reading to discover how to improve website ranking in 2020.

Write great, appropriate content

Your SEO efforts will be fruitless without great, optimized copywriting on each page of your website. All copy and content added to your site should include vital, high ranking keywords to your business peppered across each page will help improve the ranking of that particular page. Watch this insightful video proving that the smallest changes to your copy can improve website ranking within the SERPS.

Optimize your images

When it comes to how to improve website ranking, images are just as important as copy, if not more so when it comes to ranking your page on search engines. With mobile devices and better screens in this modern era, images are quickly becoming the way in which customers engage with content. They are crucial in boosting the speed of your website and if optimised correctly, helps Google to read your page correctly through the images alone.

Many people when thinking of a fast website often looks straight to their server, choosing for a Rackmount Server for fast, reliable loading speeds. This needn’t be the case. Instead, focus on the size of your images, optimizing them for instant effects.

To do this, you should always make sure the images on your pages are compressed as smaller images make for shorter loading times. Each image should also have the correct filenames and alt text behind them for search engines to associate them with that page. Do this for each image for a quick SEO fix. 

Fix broken links

One of the more effective ways to boost your website’s ranking is to include a quality internal linking strategy on your website. This shows the search engines that your page is active, up to date, while helping establish authority to your website. 

However, if for any reason those links are broken or bringing up 404 pages (not linking anywhere) then, that’s when your internal links can start to damage your position within the SERPs. Prevent this from happening by constantly checking each link on your website or use a broken link checker to help.

Optimize for Mobile

This is a must in 2020 and beyond. It is estimated that by 2025 72.6% of internet users will use a mobile device for all online activity,  that’s almost three quarters of the world! Optimising your website for mobile is highly recommended and one of our most valued points for how to improve website ranking in 2020, as without it, you can expect to see your website plummet down the SERPs.

It is expected subconsciously by users, the ability for your website to fit effortlessly onto their mobile screens, as well as function flawlessly. Your images, copy, links, headings and everything else you expect to see on a desktop website needs to seamlessly respond on all devices.

When creating your website or making any much needed updates in 2020, always make it optimized for mobile. 

Optimize for voice search

This point ties in nicely with optimizing your website for mobile. The immediate rise of smart speakers in households and personal assistants on devices has helped voice search take the modern world by storm and is quickly becoming the latest way in which users search and find their required information. 

It’s not always about what we search for in the present day, but how we search for it, and that is something to keep in mind when optimizing your website. Long-tail keywords are a helpful way to boost your voice search rankings. Using longer key phrases in a more conversational style within your content will help keep your website ranking when called for.

  • Bonus point: Try for position zero

Position 1 for an appropriate keyword search on any search engine is what you aim to achieve for your website. But what if there was one better? 

Google’s featured snippet or ‘position zero’ is a web page google has pulled up the rankings and features the best information relevant to that query searched for.

Within a box at the top of the page is the URL, link, as well as, a small snippet, all positioned high at the top of page 1. 

Featured snippets are a great way to increase traffic, but how can you be in with a chance for your page to be chosen for this prestigious rank? 

To start, select a topic of interest to your audience and find out how they are searching for it. You can do this by searching for appropriate keywords and reading the PAA’s (People also asked) section in Google’s search results.

Once you have whittled the question’s down and found that all important and overall query, you are then ready to pepper the certain keywords from that query into the content of your website. 

Other key practices include using that query as your page title or a heading or use the full query somewhere in your copy. Doing this will show Google that your page could be the most relevant to a question many users ask about your niche, which gives you a better opportunity to be featured within a SERPs featured snippet. 

There you have it, that makes 6 fantastic ways on how to improve website ranking within 2020 and how you can begin to move your sites position up the SERPs. Easy to master and conduct, consider using these recommended points as a checklist, ensuring that all changes and updates to your site are to the highest standard possible. 

Developing and requiring constant change and development, to achieve higher website ranking within the SERPS, improvement and search engine optimization is key. 

It is crucial to its development and will ultimately help the pages of your website stand the test of time. If you are unsure on how your website is performing, why not start by contacting a SEO specialist to request a free SEO audit to set you on the right track.

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