5 Custom Packaging Ideas that are Budget-friendly to Send to your Customers

Business owners are always looking for some out-of-the-box packaging ideas to enhance their brand image in the target market. Packaging is not just confined to cardboard and designs; it is the whole sole personality of the brand. Creating lucrative designs and social media sharable packaging has become the easiest way of marketing and advertising. However, all this is not a piece of cake and costs companies a hefty amount. Here come the budget-friendly stationery design services. You might come across several stationery design services, but it is hard to find anyone that does not cost a fortune. The design industry has established to a great extent with creative designers peaking in, and so are their prices. So, if you are getting a getting logo design online or any business stationery, make sure you decide on the budget beforehand. 

This article is all about how you can get budget-friendly custom packaging for your customers. Read below to know the 5 best budget-friendly custom-packaging ideas, and thank us later. 

Be Creative with Notes—Packaging Inserts

Packaging inserts are always best to rule out. The very first approach is be creative with notes. This takes into account simply adding a small note inside the package to give it a personalized touch with the customer’s name and a few sweet words. This is not only for Shopify brands but also for big companies. Companies tend to distribute customized shirts or notebooks with the company’s logo printed on them in seminars and workshops. Adding a personalized note for each guest won’t cost you much, but it will add notable value to your packaging without crashing your budget. However, these notes can be printed as well as handwritten as per preference. For the B to C business setting, it is highly recommended to add handwritten notes in different colors as a humble gesture for your customers. 

You can thank your customers for shopping with your brand or simply ask them to leave feedback on your social media handle which will indeed, increase engagement of your brand. 

Another great idea is to add a small logo card inside the package. This may not cost you a bit as you can make it on any online tool like Canva or even Microsoft word and get it printed on paper stock. 

Be Minimalist 

Sometimes, less is more, and the same is the case with packaging. You don’t always need to be fancy. Sometimes, the minimalist approach maintains decency and even gives your brand an elegant touch. This considers refraining from using boxes that cover the major portion of the packaging budget. However, it is not applicable in all cases, but you can always think of better and cheaper ways. This way, you will stay within budget, and your packaging will be customized, unlike your rivals. 

For instance, if you run a skincare brand, you can opt for small pouches instead of boxes for your products. All skincare products, whether face masks, a serum, a soap, or a scrub, come in boxes, which is the standard approach for the whole industry. How about making small pouches for these products? Imagine a small bottle of facial serum that comes in a handy pouch. Sounds cute! Plus, it will be more convenient for women to carry these products anywhere. 

Custom Packaging Sleeves and Belly Bands 

Custom packaging sleeves and belly bands are extremely handy for budget-friendly custom packaging. As the name implies, a sleeve or a belly band refers to a piece of paper or soft cardboard that wraps around almost anything. It is like an open box with no confined ends; you may also call it a cylinder. If you are running a B-to-C business, it is best to go with almost everything and anything. It may be soap, a pant, a pair of socks, a makeup box, or a glass set. Coming down to corporate firms, custom sleeves are suitable to represent annual diaries to your employees. The sleeves cost way less than a box.


The stamp is the most budget-friendly approach for start-ups. If you are delivering your products in a simple brown paper bag, how thoughtful would it be to get a stamp made for it to enhance the overall personality of the package? The stamp is a one-time investment and doesn’t cost a hefty amount simultaneously. So, it is one of the best solutions to make your simple packages aesthetic. 

However, you can always be as creative with the stamps as you want—starting with the logo, you can add quotes, shapes, and anything else that you think will go best on the top of your package. This will work superbly with food brands, especially cookies and other bakery items. Contrary to this, a box will cost you a whole fortune. 

The Evergreen Die-cut Boxes

The die-cut boxes are never going out of the trend, and who doesn’t know they are the perfect budget-friendly solution for almost anything? These boxes save space and cost less at the same time. Plus, they are customized to an unlimited extent. You are free to add a logo, quotes, or anything that you want to be on the package. So, it is always a good-to-go option instead of a hardcover box. 


Last but not least, no matter if you are going with boxes or bags for the packaging, there are always varieties in quality. For instance, a luxury packaging box will always cost you high compared to a kraft paper box. 

Hence, if the board is not fragile and doesn’t require extra protection during transit, kraft paper boxes will always be more budget-friendly. Likewise, plastic bags also come in different varieties pertaining to durability. A normal grocery bag is less durable as a compared shopping bag.

Similarly, the shopping bag is less durable than a high-quality plastic bag used for heavy items like nuts, screws, and other products. Hence, considering the product’s weight, you can opt for an average-quality shopping bag. If you run a clothing brand, a plastic shopping bag will do the job right instead of giving a hefty amount for a cardboard shopping bag. 


Packaging is an essential element of a product. It steals the most limelight among your competitors, so even if you are low on budget, ensure your creativity to make the most out of it.

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