12 Small Updates That Increase Home Value

increase home value

increase home value

Spring cleaning may have you considering whether or not it’s time to make some updates in your home. In life, it’s often the little things that count. The same thing is true with houses for sale in Nanaimo, especially when increasing your home’s value. Updating your property and upgrading amenities are powerful strategies in increasing the value of your property without completely breaking the bank. These updates can additionally add value if you’re interested in buying homes as investment properties. If you have plans to rent to your friends, add additional units, or obtain more real estate make sure you have your bases covered. Updating your property may be the short term answer for long term success. Making small changes to your investment properties can considerably help to increase your profit margins. Whether you’re considering a whole new kitchen design or just hoping to fix paint here and there, there are plenty of renovation options.

Here’s our favorite list of 12 small updates that can increase the value of your home.

1. Double kitchen sink

In a recent Home Builder’s Survey over 33% of the middle-income buyers surveyed ranked having a double kitchen sink as essential. Look for deeper sinks that limit the splash zone and a side-by-side model with one sink big enough to fit large pots and pans.

2. Central kitchen island

Over 75% of home buyers rank this small kitchen update as essential or desirable. In addition, be sure to verify your floors are either glued or nailed down before building or purchasing an island to prevent buckling. If your kitchen isn’t large enough to construct an island, it’s easy to purchase a premade kitchen island to fit your existing space.

3. Freshly painted kitchen cabinets

Why go through the time and expense of replacing your kitchen cabinets when a fresh coat of paint will do the trick? White or light gray cabinet paint brightens the room and also gives the appearance of having more space. Although the square footage won’t change, your kitchen will become warmer, feel more open, and be more welcoming.

4. New bathroom fixtures

New fixtures in the bathroom add instant shine and appeal. New showerheads, tub spouts, handles, and faucets help attract buyers. Fixtures with a brushed nickel finish create a clean look and match almost any style of bathroom. Modern wall lamps can make a glamorous yet drastic difference in your bathroom.

5. Water-efficient toilets

Believe it or not, an old toilet that constantly leaks gallons of water can increase a utility bill by hundreds of dollars a year. In addition to new toilets being energy efficient, they’re also much more pleasing on the eye. After all, who wants a toilet that’s yellowed from years of use and needs to be plunged every other day?

6. Modernize your bathroom vanity

Houses for sale in Nanaimo that feature modernized vanities can bring the biggest returns. That’s because vanities are the first and last thing people see every day. When prospective homebuyers can imagine themselves using the vanity all the time, they’ll be one step closer to making an offer on your home for sale in Nanaimo.

7. Add ceiling fans

Homebuyers across all income brackets say the most important decorative feature is a ceiling fan. Not only do they add comfort and light, but they’re also much more practical to use instead of running the air conditioning full blast when the weather turns warm.

8. Update worn windows

Replacing worn-out windows with energy-efficient ones is another small, yet cost-effective update homeowners can make. Updating worn-out windows also yields one of the highest returns on updating investments.

9. Fresh paint on room walls

From loud walls in children’s rooms to outdated colors in bedrooms and living area, a fresh coat of paint can work wonders in adding value to your home. Painting is also one of the easiest and least expensive DIY home improvement projects to do.

10. Tidy up the landscaping

Many real estate agents in Nanaimo believe that landscape maintenance recovers 100% of the cost when a home is sold. Even better, a well cared for front and back yard can add 10% or more to the value of your home.

11. Improve curb appeal with outdoor lighting

Strategic landscape lighting can instantly improve curb appeal at night, the time of day when many homebuyers first preview a property. Outdoor lighting can also make a cold backyard patio warm and create a cozy atmosphere for late afternoon and early evening showings.

12. Exterior paint touchup

Exterior paint protects a house from the elements and increases the value of the home. When buyers know that the outside of the home is being taken care of, you’ll create the impression that the inside your home is clean and well cared for as well.

These updates can additionally add value if you’re interested in buying homes as investment properties. Making small changes to your investment properties can considerably help to increase your profit margins.

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