WhatsApp: New features Can Keep Indian Users Safe

Since Facebook acquired WhatsApp, the messaging service application has gotten a lot more attention from the media. The service has completely transformed the manner in which mobile phones are used for advertising. Communications between organisations and consumers are getting more focused and different as a result of the use of WhatsApp.

WhatsApp advertising is a wonderful approach for companies to optimise the advantages of their marketing efforts since it allows them to send tailored messages to their customers.

When it comes to engagement, WhatsApp is the best option:

If you are already acquainted with someone, WhatsApp may be used to converse directly with that person through text message. You may use WhatsApp to communicate with your existing customers about new items by sending them photographs, videos, and text messages.

Because the audience does not want to be a member of a WhatsApp group, the conversation must be one-on-one and private. One-on-one connection makes customers feel unique and helps them to develop confidence in your company and its products and services.

About WhatsApp New protective features

WhatsApp, the popular instant messaging software, has launched two new security features in India. Flash calls and message-level reporting are two examples of this. In other words, users will be able to authenticate their identity when checking in with a phone call, and they will be able to report particular messages rather than the whole conversation or a specific person. A new function, the flash call feature, has been added to the SMS verification option that WhatsApp already provides to its customers. WhatsApp, which is owned by Meta, has implemented these security improvements in order to make the programme more secure for Indian users.

The company’s newest endeavour to make the platform safer for Indian users is reflected in the addition of the new features. As an alternative to sending an SMS to verify your identity while setting up WhatsApp on a new smartphone, the new flash feature allows you to prove your identity using a voice call. This function, which is now available exclusively for Android users, would enable WhatsApp to contact you and verify your identity without your intervention. In place of the SMS verification method, which delivers an OTP to your phone, you may use this method.

WhatsApp Business, when used with the WhatsApp chatbot, is an extremely effective tool for business. Because of the many new services that the platform is constantly introducing, WhatsApp is quickly becoming a popular shopping destination, particularly during off-peak hours. Even if you do not intend to develop a WhatsApp chatbot, there are many valuable features available to you in WhatsApp for Business that you should take use of. Let’s check out some benefits

  1. Description of the Company

The ability to create a Business Profile with extra facts in the WhatsApp for Business service, as opposed to the regular WhatsApp service, is one of the most significant advantages of having a WhatsApp Business account, as compared to having a regular WhatsApp account. They may utilise the catalogue function to display their items to potential customers. Besides that, they may include information such as their company’s name, business description, business address, the sort of product or service they provide, as well as links to their websites and items in this profile.

  • Responses in a Hurry

Quick answers are another messaging-based technology that helps company owners save a significant amount of time. Quick messages may be created and saved by the user, and they can then be accessed by placing the ‘/’ sign at the beginning of their conversation. This will expose the user’s fast reply choices, which they may then employ in accordance with the most often asked questions they get.

  • Messages that are sent automatically

Never again will you be late for a message! Customers will never feel abandoned or missed because of automated messages, which are available 24 hours a day, seven days a week. In addition to helping your business create goodwill, creating a welcome greeting for new clients’ messages may provide introductory details about your firm.

These automated features are available on WhatsApp:

  1. If a client writes to you within a time period that you have designated as inaccessible, your WhatsApp Away message will automatically react to them.
  2. The WhatsApp Greeting message, as the name implies, welcomes your consumers when they establish a discussion with you by writing to you on WhatsApp.
  3. WhatsApp Quick responses allows you to build templates that you may use when conversing with other people on the app. These are frequent responses or phrases that you will be able to access and send out simply pressing the / sign in the chat box during a conversation.
  4. WhatsApp labels let you organise and visually identify your consumers based on the labels you set. It assists you in determining the current communication stage of each customer relationship. For example, ‘New client’ or ‘Invoice issued’ might be included in the message.

Thus, you can hire with Android App Developers for hire expansion of your specific business operations. Apps developed by the top Android app developers are built on the ground-breaking platform. With Android App Developers, you can tailor technology to your company’s specific ecology and needs.

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