Top 5 Sales Tips for Moving Companies

Every business has its seasons of ups and downs. For moving companies, during shoulder season, you may need to find other ways of generating revenue. While the volume of movers may be less, people are always moving. So, if you want to help your moving company grow even when times are slow, then you need to have the right strategy. 

Here are the top 5 sales tips to help keep your moving company business headed in the right direction.

1. Give Yourself a Speciality

There may be a lot of movers out there, but do they specialize in what you do? People love their things – especially those things that are valuable, mean a lot, or are too overwhelming to deal with. Find something that your company has done or can do that may set you apart. For instance, if someone in your local area types “local movers,” into Google, they are likely going to get pages and pages of company websites. This is too broad. However, if someone types, “antique moving,” into the same search bar – and that’s your specialty – you may find you rank much higher in the results. 

Find something you are good at – and advertise it. Make it go to work for you!

2. Be Responsive to Your Reviews

When you get reviews from customers, respond to them. Many companies only address the bad reviews as a way to minimize damage. Really, you should respond to all reviews. Let the customers know you are thankful they took the time to leave a message — and that you appreciate them.

This little step can speak volumes to those who are reading your reviews. And, who is reading your reviews? That’s right – potential customers!

3. Pencil In A Reservation

If someone calls in to get a quote or to inquire about your moving services, keep them on the phone. Ask them about their move and then suggest that you pencil them in on the calendar. They may hesitate, but you can let them know that there is no obligation – it is just to make sure they have a spot should they decide to use it. Ask for the address they are moving from and the address they are moving to. Get an idea of how big the house is to determine the size of the move and so on. The customer will feel confident that they are doing the right thing by tentatively scheduling a move and, when it comes down to it, they aren’t going to want to have to go through all this info all over again with another company.  They will call you back to confirm.

4. Get Your Business Out in the Community

Customers want a brand they can recognize and one that they can trust. By getting your brand out into the community, such as helping with non-profits and various community events, you can help your business tremendously. And we don’t just mean write a check, but rather engage with individuals and make yourself recognizable. 

Give the residents in your local area a face and a brand name as well as a feel good story — and you are working your way in. 

5. Use a Software Program to Follow Up on Leads

If you get leads and you don’t book them, then something is amiss somewhere in your process. You should be receiving a lead, documenting it, calling it, emailing it, and following up. Too many leads, and things can get lost and confused. Not enough leads and you will be out of practice. Regardless of which end of the spectrum you are at, having a software to capture and manage your leads allows you to be thorough and routine in your processes so that nothing gets missed. 

You may impress yourself with how many leads you actually close when things are done in an efficient and orderly manner.

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