Israel’s Emergence on the Tech Scene

Within the tech startup space, Israel has been achieving great success in recent years. In 2021, Israel received almost 30 times more capital flow than the U.S. per capita. A strong factor is the country’s startup potential from high-tech companies that have raised almost $15 billion in one year to being ranked third in the world for the number of active machine learning and AI startups. 

The city of Tel Aviv has one of the largest startup ecosystems globally with a startup value over $100 billion and a patent count that has increased by almost 170% since 2021. Israel as a whole is ranked second in terms of the top countries with venture funding per capita above $1B. Israel’s business success is further backed by government programs, grants, and tax incentives. The recently signed Abraham Accords also extended Israel’s relations to the United Arab Emirates and the Kingdom of Bahrain while helping to create more jobs. Some of the top startups are in Israel, including Mobileye, Waze, and Wiz. With Israel dominating all sectors of technology for years already and probably for many years to come, only time can show us how great of an impact the country has on global entrepreneurship.

How Israel Has Emerged on the Tech Scene

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