Does a Highly Efficient Process Always Require AI

Highly efficient business processes is what every company strives for. That’s how you get ahead, isn’t it? To be at the top in your industry, sure – having automated processes is very important. But at what point do you replace human involvement entirely? Or can you even effectively do that? 

Artificial Intelligence (AI) is growing and is sure to boost the profitability of companies in the coming years. And, why not? It is extremely efficient, incredibly accurate, and very consistent. It catches things that humans wouldn’t and it never tires or gets distracted when performing a particular, repetitive job. AI also removes the often-needed human aspect entirely. 

The “Human in the Loop”

AI works well in many situations, but not every process of every business is cut and dry. There are a lot of complex processes that deal with complex data that are seemingly impossible to automate. They require that you keep a human in the loop to ensure these intricate processes run smoothly. And while this seems like a good solution, it may keep businesses from advancing in their use of automated processes. Especially if nothing is ever sought to try to tackle that complex data in a touchless way. 

Take, for instance, the process of remittance reconciliation in healthcare. These documents are often referred to as Explanation of Payments (EOPs) and they require in-depth examination and comparison with initial claims. They must be balanced using contracted adjustments on a service-by-service basis. This task often warrants human involvement. 

One could settle their business comfortably here with the automated processes accounting for about half of the workload while human workers handle the rest. But, how efficient is that? 

Assistive Automation

To help improve the efficiency of human involvement, assistive automation is available. Although it may not be able to make the process entirely automatic, this technology helps humans more efficiently handle the processes that need their attention.  

For instance, those EOPs that need to be compared and balanced still need to get done – and they still need humans to handle it. But with assistive automation, the process could be reengineered to make the entire process much more efficient. In other words, not removing the humans, but making their job processes run more smoothly. 

Consider that this enhanced process would sort of shepherd the human through the task, focusing on only those factors that are necessary – while also providing aids through contextual data. In the example we provided, if there is an imbalance, the human would be presented with a focused view of the document and also receive displayed information that includes the matching claim data and potential problems. 

This assistive automation may easily reduce the time necessary to complete complex, human-involved tasks. Although they aren’t 100% automated, they will be highly efficient. Remember, it is not always about removing the human factor as you would with AI, but rather having a process that is efficient, reliable, and effective at every step. 

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