8 Tips for Successfully Working From Home When You’re in the Investor Industry

As a serial entrepreneur, working from home must give you the best of both worlds vibe. But, as the work from home trend has been so popular, are people from every industry able to take an active part in it? Maybe, not.

We have interviewed many professionals of many industries who are working from home in this era. But, we have found that people working in business insurance have suffered the most due to this trend. Not only them but also people working in other departments of the investor industry have witnessed significant losses in business during the pandemic.

What Are Some Effective Tips For Working From Home When You Work In The Investor Industry?

What is an investment? Let’s find it out first before we dive into the tips of working in the investor industry. It is the process of investing money in some venture that will generate a guaranteed profit for you. Now, people who work in the investor industry have to meet with many people to convince them to invest.

As a professional in the business insurance industry myself, I faced a lot of trouble motivating my team to work. I could not even find enough clients because convincing them via skype or zoom was indeed a tough job.

So, I have contacted a few serial entrepreneurs who have experience in the investor industry and collected a few tips from them to work from home. Let’s take a look;

1: Communication Is Still The Key

As a business insurance professional, you must know how to communicate with your team, seniors, and clients to keep the business going. Just because you are working from home doesn’t mean the need for communication has disappeared. Instead, the need for communication has increased.

You can’t convince the clients or your team with your gestures, body language, or physical presence. All you have got now is your voice and your convincing power. So, utilize it to the core. If you are used to communicating with your team directly, give them a call when you feel the need. Don’t rely on text or emails because they might not have the same impact as your voice.

2: Get Rid Of The Distractions

I think it is a common problem for almost everyone new to this work-from-home thing. If you make a phone call with a client via skype, and your dog is barking behind, it distracts you, right? It is also distracting to talk with people when your baby starts crying, or your wife is in the shower and someone rings the doorbell.

If you have a pet that seems to be not taking well to your work from home, look into dog trainers who specialize in dog behavioral issues like separation anxiety.

So, set clear instructions for your family member to give you a designated workspace where they won’t interfere during working hours. Minimize the distractions as best as possible because only then can you bring new businesses to your company.

3: Don’t Forget To Socialize

People who work in the business insurance industry must know that they have to go to informal meetings with clients to convince them about an investment. In this industry, it’s important to collaborate with your coworkers. While collaboration is important, if you do host team meetings, it’s important to not to foster an environment that fosters jealousy or an unhealthy amount of competition. If you constantly highlight the successes of one singular employee, it can cause others to feel unrecognized. While it may be seemingly impossible to arrange these casual meets with clients and coworkers during work from home. But you are wrong.

You can still take time from your busy schedule to arrange these informal meetings with your clients. For example, if they stay close to your house, ask them for a lunch meeting at a nearby restaurant where preventive measures are being taken. If not, you can always arrange an evening session with snacks over video chat and take your time to convince them.

4: Transitions Are Important

A serial entrepreneur responsible for managing too many businesses at once will know the actual value of this tip. Do you think the morning and evening commute does not have a role in your work performance? Well, you are highly mistaken.

These commutes help your brain process the transition into a work zone and the transition out of the work zone. If you work in an investor industry, you should prioritize this tip more than ever as you are working from home now. Take a good shower, or have breakfast with your family before sitting at work. Even do something relaxing, or take a walk with your pet when your work is done. It will help your mind transition better.

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5: Plan The Day As Office Hours

As an employee of the investor industry, we had to keep separate hours for client meetings, team meetings, daily work, etc. If you are working from home, you should also keep these working hours separate. It will give you a better workflow and enable you to focus better on the tasks at hand.

Many people lose the balance of work and personal life when they work from home. But don’t let that happen. Instead, keep your working hours limited. When you keep your working hours limited, it will help you structure those hours as an office day. Thus, all your tasks will be completed in time.

6: Get Dressed

If you think as an employee of the investor industry, only your sales pitch matters to convince the client, you are wrong. Starting from your personality, dressing sense, to your attitude, and body language-everything matters. So, if you are wondering you haven’t managed to draw enough business during work from home, take a look at yourself.

When you are on a video call with a client or your seniors, make sure you look your best. For example, don’t put on a loose t-shirt and shorts just because you are at home. Instead, dress up appropriately because that will play a significant role in your pitch and give your pitch a professional outlook.

7: Don’t Use Social Media

Social media is always detrimental to someone’s productivity. When you work in the office, you may not use it because people are watching you. But, when you are working from home also, make sure to keep this habit away.

Instead of spending time on social media like a teenager, make sure you utilize that time effectively. When you are bored working, communicate with your teammates, plan for the upcoming pitches. It will reduce your workload and will make you productive too.

8: Schedule Afternoon Call Hours

People working in the business insurance industry indeed have to talk to a lot of people. But, how would you feel if the first thing you do after waking up in the morning is hearing about deadlines and sales meetings? Not good, right?

That’s why we suggest you schedule the call hours in the afternoon. Then, when you complete the preparatory work of the day, talk to the team members for new pitches. Even schedule calls with your seniors also in the afternoon to give them a better projection.


As a professional in the investor industry, these last two years must have been tough for you. But, while everyone else is enjoying the comfort of working from home, you should do it too. That’s why we hope these tips will bring some change in your performance even if you work in the rigorous financial industry. So, apply them now, and see the difference.

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