5 Office Decor Ideas to Increase Satisfaction and Productivity

Can office decor increase satisfaction and productivity? Of course it can! The design of your workspace greatly affects how your employees feel and think. It influences productivity, the mood of employees, and creative juice flow. Thoughtful design that is modern, welcoming yet inspiring will help you achieve your company goals and boost productivity.

So how to achieve that?

1. Bring the Nature In

One of the most effective ways to increase productivity and reduce your staff’s stress is to incorporate natural elements into the workspace. Most employees spend eight hours per day indoors, so this is a perfect way to lift their spirit, connect with the outside world and boost creativity.

You can bring nature in, conveniently and affordably with a series of ferns. They will add a pop of color and liven up your workspace. Best of all, plants are known as great air purifiers, so it’s a win-win situation.

Another great way of incorporating nature into office decor is through natural components and textures, such as exposed brick, stone counters, or sculptures. You can even add a fish tank, not only it’s a wonderful décor piece, but the sound of running water lowers anxiety and stress.

2. Set Up Your Office in Style

The office decor is more than boring white walls, isolating cubicles, and file cabinets. It should reflect your company style, and provide a friendly, stress-free productive environment.  We all know that organization in the office is key, so you’ll need to take some remote work essentials into consideration for you and your staff. And let’s not forget the budget. And let’s not forget the budget.

Opt for stylish yet comfortable pieces. Poor furniture can cause muscle aches and pain, especially after spending 8 hours a day sitting. On the other hand, ergonomic office furniture screams comfort, from chairs and desks to monitor stands, it’ll help increase productivity and job satisfaction.

3. Choose the Right Colors

Yes, choosing the right colors can increase productivity! Step back from colors such as gray, white, and beige that can be boring and uninspiring, and choose green, blue, or yellow. These colors will boost happiness and productivity. For instance, the yellow color will encourage creative thinking and optimism, green will make your workspace more relaxing, and blue is intellectual color, and the most productive.

4. Lighting

We all know how bad lighting can make us feel tired, unfocused, and sleepy, especially at the workspace, right? That is why optimizing your lighting plays a key role in office decor. It’ll boost your employee’s energy, reduce eye strain, and in the end, keep them focused and motivated. If you are able, maximize the natural light as much as possible. If not, light it up with some cool lamps that will make you and your staff feel relaxed and comfortable.

5. Have a Playroom

How about creating a space where your employees can relax and take a fun break? The Playroom is a great way to reduce stress and improve productivity and satisfaction in a second. So throw some puzzles, include video game consoles, table games.

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