3 Steps for Better Remote Team Engagement

Employee engagement is paramount as it drives performance on top of making the workplace optimal for everyone. However, just what engages people may be different from one person to another.

According to Kevin Martin, i4cp Chief Research Officer, the lack of incentives and rewards is the most common and powerful barrier to effective collaboration and that the problem is that the majority of talent management systems are designed to reward individual achievement, not team accomplishments.

He says that the solution to boosting employee engagement is in recognizing and rewarding individuals, leaders and teams who engage in productive collaborative behavior.

For the effort to be efficient, however, it is necessary to communicate clearly, so let’s start with defining that a bit.

Team Communication Is a MUST

Team communication is extremely important, and never more than today when we’re relying on online apps and tools to replace basic social functions. The key is in getting people to communicate efficiently, meaning you should provide appropriate training.

Keep multiple communication channels open and make sure the apps are updated.

Stay Organized as a Team

This is just the first step towards staying organized as a team. The next, logical one is paying proper attention to an efficient email marketing calendar. Task management tools are also crucial, so put together a solid strategy and provide adequate training to the employees for best results.

Regularly Brainstorm for Employee Engagement Ideas

Last but not least, make it a habit to brainstorm employee engagement ideas on a regular basis as this will ensure engagement and team building is taking place. After all, there’s nothing more satisfying than being a part of a bigger picture.

Other ideas may also come to mind, but these three are absolutely crucial so start with them. There’s no really wrapping them up as engagement is a continual, vibrant process. Make sure everyone is enjoying it!