What Keeps the Talent Acquisition Manager Awake at Night?

talent acquisition manager

talent acquisition manager

A competitive business landscape, the perennial shortage of skilled resources, and a candidate-driven market have made talent acquisition practically a nightmare for recruiters and hiring managers.

Hiring the best talent for your business is an important endeavor. Yet, it is full of unique complexities because of which many recruiting efforts don’t see the light of day.

Talent Acquisition Challenges 

So, what keeps the talent acquisition manager awake at night? And what measures can one take to make talent acquisition effortless and trouble-free? Let’s find out!

  1. How can I accelerate the hiring process? One of the biggest worries of any talent acquisition manager is the snail’s pace of hiring. Do you know? Organizations take about 45 days to fill a new position. Navigating through the endless stages in talent acquisition – including identifying the need, creating a job description, posting job openings, assessing resumes, shortlisting candidates, interviewing, and onboarding them – is no mean feat. Since vacant positions cost money and delay time to value, talent acquisition managers are constantly seeking ways to quicken the process and get the right candidates on board – before the competition does.
  2. How will I ever manage supply with demand? Despite a negligible unemployment rate of 7% in August 2019 in the US, the problem of talent shortage never ceases to exist. The demand for skilled workers seems to be always far greater than there is supply. Candidates have become far more selective in their job searches, which has created greater competition for recruiters. And since candidates with advanced tech and niche skills hold the cards in today’s job market, any shortage stands to hamper organizational productivity, turnover as well as profitability.
  3. Will I ever be able to fill tech vacancies? Another major concern that talent acquisition managers have is finding the right tech talent. Given the relentless pace of technological advancements, and with 133 million new roles expected to emerge by 2022, organizations – irrespective of the industry – are looking to hire highly-skilled tech talent, so they can embrace the latest technological innovations, and keep pace in the digital world. The challenges of hiring tech talent are many: a dearth of hiring resources who can evaluate tech candidates, the mismatch in skill requirements, poor assessment of candidates, among others.
  4. What measures do I take to minimize the chances of a bad hire? There is no doubt that a position that lies vacant for a long time can spell doom for the company. But you know what’s worse? Filling a position with the wrong candidate! The cost of one bad hire is humongous. The cost for entry or mid-level position ranges anywhere between $7000-$10,000, but the cost swells to $40,000 for managerial positions. In addition to the monetary disadvantages, a bad hiring decision can also result in low morale, lost productivity, and the additional time and effort required in either training the bad hire or finding an appropriate replacement.
  5. What strategies do I use to ensure I hire the right talent for the right job? Given how competitive the job market has become, many organizations struggle to achieve their business goals because talent acquisition managers put candidates in roles that do not leverage their skillsets to the maximum. Sudden growth, unexpected vacancies, and an unstable business environment all cause managers to make hasty hiring decisions. Not having the right people in the right jobs not only affects morale, but it also makes meeting deadlines and client expectations difficult.

The solution that a skills assessment platform is 

Most hiring managers face the challenge of traversing through the complex talent acquisition process.

Moving fast enough to adapt to the needs of your business requires you to redesign your recruitment regime and leverage tools that allow you to stay ahead of the game. An online skill assessment platform can just be the solution to all your hiring woes. With an online skill assessment platform, you can

  • Quickly identify the skills your enterprise has, the skills you lack, and the skills you need to look for in the job market.
  • Accurately assess candidates for the skills they possess and bring down the hiring time from months to weeks or even days.
  • Reduce the time spent in assessing resumes and conducting interviews and focus efforts on value-driving tasks.
  • Make better-informed hiring decisions, and not worry about placing the wrong candidate in the wrong job.
  • Leverage a constantly updated skill library to quicken the hiring process and keep up with your needs.

There are tons of ways in which an online pre-employment testing platform can help you streamline the hiring process. So, what are you waiting for? Deploy one today, bid adieu to your hiring woes, and enjoy a good night’s sleep!

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Pankaj is a digital marketing professional at Interview Mocha – a pre-employment testing platform. He produces highly informative and actionable content for topics ranging from recruitment, social media hiring to candidate assessment. Pankaj believes in continuously learning & being updated with the latest trends in content marketing.

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