Workforce Management with SAP SuccessFactors and Qualtrics

Workforce management programs is an umbrella term used for various software and applications used by businesses for staff scheduling. SAP can provide multiple kinds of workforce management solutions, such as SuccessFactors, Qualtrics, workforce Software Monday, and SAP Workforce Management.

SAP Workforce Management

The workforce management solution provided by SAP is known as SAP Workforce Management (SAP WFM). It is used to plan, create, and implement various kinds of employee scheduling. The planning, subsequent creation, and maintenance of employees’ schedules start when a business defines their variables. These variables are determined according to the locations of their workforce.

Furthermore, they can add employees to a particular schedule for each location after identifying the drivers of the workforce. They have to determine different levels of work necessary to be completed within a stipulated time frame and prioritizing each task for different locations to extract actual sales and traffic data for all the zones.

SAP WFM has the following advantages:

  • This platform helps businesses to model their workforce according to different locations and create a forecast that can be represented with their actual requirements.
  • This helps the organization to work effectively and align their location and workforce with proper scheduling. They can strategize the goals of the corporation and customer expectations in line with the career needs of their employees.
  • The managers of the corporate-level find this platform to easily forecast changes and redistribute workload according to their business requirements. The decision-making process becomes more manageable, and they can predict the decision down through their organizational level. It helps to control and manage the various kinds of requirements of the staff.

SAP SuccessFactors

SAP helps its partners to gain meaningful insights from various business processes and reduce critical resource gaps. SAP SuccessFactors helps in providing different business solutions for workforce planning. It can provide business intelligence comparing today’s scenarios with the future impact of workforce management. It allows businesses to make smart decisions, reduces the risk of failure, and helps to create a stabilized workforce to drive productive results.

SuccessFactors is one of the most innovative products of SAP. This feature of SAP is based on the cloud storage platform. It has various strategic workforce planning tools along with an operational headcount planning platform.

It is a powerful impact planner and analyst for the process of financial modeling and payroll management. SAP SuccessFactors has the following advantages:

  • These powerful features of SAP align different business guidelines with financial planning. It is helpful in creating various headcount plans to align the business process.

The managers find it very easy to cascade the planning and implementation of all the departments. This helps in creating effective budget planning with different cost centers. It is also helpful in modifying employee benefit plans and payrolling.

  • This does not only help in successful workforce planning but also helped the organization to gain visibility into the various workforce plans being executed.

SAP is well known for its reporting and analytics, thereby making the business gain valuable insight from various hiring forecast tools. Businesses can plan accordingly and be proactive with their hiring processes and control employee turnover rate.

SAP Qualtrics

SAP Qualtrics helps businesses in employee experience management. It motivates the industry leaders to listen, understand, and respond to various kinds of employees’ needs and requirements. This helps the organization to analyze the resource gap to ensure the employees are protective and resilient.

It allows businesses to collaborate between different groups of individuals and fill them with a spirit of togetherness. It is essential for an organization to understand the drivers of engagement so that they can improve their employee experience program.

  • There are various methods to enhance employee engagement programs such as guided action planning strategies, customizable impacting reports, built-in analytics, role-based dashboard, automation and reporting, and conducting flexible surveys.
  • This feature of SAP also helps the organization to develop robust strategies and analyze its impact on an organization. SAP is based on what-if scenarios from various collections of what-if analysis.
  • The multiple inputs from industry leaders and marketers in the SAP community help the platform to quantify outcomes and compare multiple kinds of financial results. This comparative analysis helps the organization to make smart decisions related to hiring, recruitment training and development, and talent management.


SAP has introduced three main drivers of employee engagement programs – Qualtrics, SuccessFactors, and Workforce Management, giving importance to the most neglected cause of HR management.

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