What is AppSumo and How Can it Benefit Your B2B Business?

What is AppSumo and How Can it Benefit Your Small Business?

Since its launch in 2010, AppSumo has been gaining notoriety as a way for businesses to connect with digital products and services to help them grow. It can also help online businesses reach tons of new customers and increase sales quickly. If you’re interested in learning more about AppSumo and potentially even taking advantage of these benefits for your own business, here’s a quick guide.

What Is AppSumo?

In basic terms, AppSumo is a daily deals site that’s specifically for digitally delivered goods and services. Think Groupon but with an online B2B spin.

There are two ways to use AppSumo. Businesses that sell digital products or services can partner with AppSumo to offer their products or services at deep discounts in order to attract more customers and get them to try out their offerings and potentially become recurring customers.

On the other side, entrepreneurs can also browse through the different offers available on the site to find affordable, or sometimes even free, products or services that can help them grow their businesses. There are things like video editing services, project management systems, and even social media tools available.

How Does It Work?

In order to facilitate these deals, AppSumo has to partner with digital product sellers and service providers that are willing to offer their products and services at highly discounted rates. In order to make it worth their while, AppSumo distributes information about each deal to its vast online audience in order to facilitate a large amount of sales very quickly. Essentially, AppSumo’s distribution power makes it possible for these companies to make a large number of sales very quickly, making those huge discounts worth it for the supplier. Then AppSumo also takes a portion of those sales to support its own operations as well.

For buyers, you can subscribe to receive new deals in your inbox or simply browse available deals on the site. When you see a deal that appeals to you, simply follow the prompts to complete your purchase. Sellers can set a certain number of deals they want to make available, so once it’s sold out, you can’t access it anymore.

What Are the Benefits?

For businesses that are looking to purchase digital products or services, the benefits of AppSumo are pretty obvious. You can access discounts of up to 95 percent from a variety of online sellers and service providers. So if you’re looking for, say, a new accounting software and can’t afford to pay for a major upgrade, you can keep an eye on the site to take advantage of a deal that fits with that need.

For the partners that actually offer products and services on the site, the benefits are a bit more complicated. Not every digital company can necessarily afford to offer such deep discounts on products and services, or would feel compelled to do so. However, if your business is in need of a quick influx of cash or wants to reach more customers quickly in order to demonstrate the benefits of a product or service, then offering discounts with AppSumo can potentially be a worthwhile promotion. The company can help you reach more potential buyers than you would on your own, since it has more than 700,000 active subscribers. And the discount gives them an incentive to buy right away, as you can also set a specific amount of deals you’re willing to offer before it sells out at that price.

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