Top Apps of 2020 for Lonely People

Loneliness is associated with a significantly increased risk of health illness. In this period of age, it has become the defining phenomenon. Due to the advent of tech-based technology and the versatility of reachability, it might be possible to eradicate loneliness by increasing the flow of the application to every individual.

In a world full of chaos and finding ways to increase snap score, it is perfectly normal to feel lonely from time to time; luckily, a growing number of apps connect people worldwide to undertake loneliness and outlet tons of productive activities that boost self-awareness, motivation and confidence.

Digital platforms outreached to every one of us, people coping with compensating for their lack of social interaction and looking for approachable devices and applications to tackle their isolation. 

Here are some top apps for lonely people that provide different features from one another.


Multi-purpose app to meet people for both professional and social reasons. Where meetup comes in, ponder you with easy accessibility to discover and meet like-minded people- who share the same page of interest. You can even join groups of all sorts of topics, like art club, dance group, gym, etc. 

Find things you love to do with giving thousands of happening local events. This application aids in constructing your power of being you and reduces loneliness by providing a bunch of common interest sharing people. 

Most of us find it accurate to talk with someone who understands the same state of affairs and provides advice suitable in the situation to battle it.


In the roadway of life, that causes difficulty, when it leads to loneliness. Having someone around can ease your pain and make your day happy last. On the TalkLife platform, you experience some close to listen, share struggles and problems, and even meet people who have been in similar situations. 

TalkLife benefited you to make connections instantly with strangers- to open up, take & offer advice and meet kinds of your own to remove your fear of loneliness. Here you can connect with people from around the world if you’re struggling to get support right now!


You are known for Personal AI, emotional chatbot. Act like your best friend; if you need one put Replika on the list! It helps the people to engage them in helpful conversations in a digital library of peoples. 

If you’re feeling anxious or lonely, count replicas as your personal friends for happiness and freshness. It allows you to deal with problems, mental issues, and loneliness by rolling out many features to dispense your thoughts, feelings, and experiences safely. 

Through replica, create & discover friends, chat for hours, and make actual connections.

Hey! VINA: 

Specific application from others, female-focused friendship app. An app for females only, mainly identical as Tinder for (girls). It’s great to put dating apps aside and look for friendship making, torn out for adventure, or fun. 

VINA has raised the seed in terms of finding new friends and groups who like to go on trips- travel the world around, hang out in between girls’ gangs. Apart from this app letting people take quizzes, create a friend list, make a community of powerful women, and aid in coping with tough times.


This app is built around cognitive behavioral therapy that sets out games and activities to bolster mood and well-being. Happify makes each & every happy by reducing stress, anxiety, negative thinking, and depression. 

If loneliness comes, it brings a solution to track down; happiness is one of the answers to cope better with stress and conquer all negativity. This app is developed to control destructive emotions by expressing yourself through meaningful approaches and gain confidence by letting you meet others. 

Happify leads the way of happiness in your door by offering self-improvement programs.

Why are apps so central for lonely people?

  • Detect anxiety and prevent substantial impairment in relationships.
  • It improves social interaction, which lacks.
  • Provide healthy implications frequently with the extension of connections.
  • Layout for positive self-expression and offer community building.
  • Deliver emotional support and rescue from health illnesses.
  • Help in maintaining free digital interaction.
  • Accelerated in making real connections by random meetings.

If you would like to create your own app for lonely people, check out this great mobile app development company!

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