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Marketing your business properly is a crucial part of your company’s success.  Without a digital marketing strategy, your brand would never get the exposure you need to truly thrive.  Of course, you could run a business completely off of referrals and word-of-mouth marketing.  However, in today’s technology-centered world, it would be very difficult to be fruitful.

Online marketing is comprised of a broad range of services and strategies.  Here I will give you the top 3 tips for digital marketing as we head into 2020.

Start To Use Video Marketing

Video marketing has become a widespread enhancement to many businesses ‘ digital marketing strategies.  Companies of all sizes and budgets are using video marketing to get their brand in front of the world.

There are many different tools that can be used for video marketing.  Some of the tools are free and some are paid.  Tools such as Open Broadcaster Software (OBS) offer ways for marketers to produce professional videos and tutorials without having to pay a cent.  Other tools such as Animoto, offer customization to your videos with branding, text and other important features.

Researching and using the tools that are available to you and within your budget is a great idea no matter what industry you are in.  if you are not a professional video marketer, you can still do it and look like a pro.  There are many helpful resources online that offer training and instruction.

In addition to all of this, video marketing can be used for many different reasons and in many different ways.  This important strategy can improve a brand’s online presence significantly.  Embedding a video into the page of a website can be done strategically to improve search engine optimization and boost page rank.  This is an important strategy done by many corporate SEO companies to improve a website’s metrics.

Using video marketing as part of an overall digital marketing strategy can also lead to better user experience (UX) for web visitors.  The strategy is said to increase and improve engagement with viewers and clients alike. Beginning to implement a video marketing strategy into your online business marketing is a great idea. If you want to enhance your company’s online presence and improve conversion rates, you should begin to use this important and popular strategy.

small biz marketing

Photo by from Pexels

Make Sure Branding Is Consistent

Branding a company in a way that is the same on all channels and marketing materials is essential.  A tip that is very important (and often neglected) is the importance of branding (and the importance that it is consistent). Not only that, but effective branding leads to trusted content between you and your followers

You can begin by creating a style to sheet and begin figuring out how to build your brand.  In your style sheet, you will define color palette, font, font size, and other style elements that will be cohesive throughout all of your marketing and branding materials.

Having branding that is consistent is important for several different reasons.  Consistent branding helps your customers and potential customers to remember your brand.  In addition to this, it encourages a higher level of trust and credibility with your brand.

Branding that is mismatched and sloppy conveys a message to customers as well.  It says that your company is disorganized and unprofessional. This is why it is so important to develop a strong brand identity.

You can begin with a corporate logo and from there build a website where you begin to piece together branding and style components.  But this tip should definitely not be ignored because it is crucial to your brand and company’s success!

Focus On Reputation For SEO Clients

A focus on reputation management is crucial in today’s world of reviews and social media engagement.  If you are doing local SEO service for a client, you should put a strong emphasis on their reputation and review generation.  As we know, reviews are an SEO ranking factor. Building and developing your client’s online reputation as appropriate is a strategy you must not ignore.

Although the world of reviews is a tricky one, there are ways you can promote review generation through follow-up, text messages and other reputation management strategies.  Additionally, there are many tools out there to promote and generate reviews.  Some tools will send a text message to a customer who just used your service and ask how it went.  Tools such as this are not in violation of any of the review website’s terms of service and are great practice following any client interaction.

You will notice, in Google’s local search results, the number of reviews for leading businesses tend to be higher than for those that are not listed at the top.  This is very telling and it’s obvious, google prefers businesses that have a good reputation and that others are talking about.

Using reputation management as part of your overall SEO strategy could mean the difference between not having enough customers and having too many.  And having too many customers is certainly not a bad problem to have!

It’s important to understand that businesses that have a lot of reviews will always get more customers than those that don’t have any.  People like being reassured by reading about other people’s experiences with a business.  Practicing having better relationships with your customers will not only help to promote review generation naturally but it will help you retain more of your clients too.

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