The Importance of Printers for Your Small Business

Although we as a society have moved toward a more digital age, for small businesses, print is anything but dead. Believe it or not, 8 in 10 small businesses around the world rely on printers to perform daily operations. Because of this, when these printers inevitably fail, these businesses are forced to fill the gaps with reactive and less quality purchases. Businesses make these hasty purchases of consumer-grade printers, overwork them, and end up wasting more time and money in the long run.

The majority of businesses in many major industries claim that they cannot operate without a printer. Law, automotive, healthcare, accounting, and finance are just a few of the most prominent sectors that use printed paper on a daily basis. Hard copies hold several benefits that have been partially lost due to the movement towards digital filing. Studies show that printed paper encourages memory, helps build a longer attention span, and allows for better learning than screens.

Although printed paper is important, the problem still remains that many traditional printers cannot keep up with these business’ demands. In fact, 53% of people own printers that break once a month or more. It is for these reasons that many experts are suggesting a move towards laser printing. They are more affordable, efficient, reliable, and have more overall capabilities than regular inkjet printers.
Gone are the days of allowing a bad printer to slow down businesses operations, which is why so many are making the switch to the more reliable option. Choose wisely among the options. Find out more about the best small business printer options in the infographic below:

Stop Making Your Business Printer an Afterthought