25 Desktop Photo Editing Tools You May Not Know About

25 Desktop Photo Editing Tools You May Not Know About

Because of smartphones, owners of these devices have access to high-quality cameras with them at all times. This has made it possible for people to take pictures anywhere and post them right away, for business or personal applications. But the images they take are not always picture-perfect, which is why having a photo editing application you can access right away in your browser has become a valuable tool.

The 25 desktop

tools on this list will let you edit your images with basic and sophisticated tools right from your browser without having to install them on your system.

Desktop Photo Editing Tools


The Pixlr editor comes with a wide range of tools that will allow you to perform many different functions that are similar to Photoshop. And just like Photoshop, it has the Layers functionality to give you greater control of the images you edit. This includes adjustments, distortions, filters, and transformations.

Desktop Photo Editing Tools - Pixlr

If you don’t want to go into that much detail, you can use Pixlr Express to quickly open your image and use the slider-based interface to make basic adjustments. You can make enhancements by sharpening the image, cropping and adjusting the exposure along with several different filters. 


Fotor has an easy to use interface that lets you edit images, create collages and greeting cards with frames, clip art and text. It has five different modules with a collection of filters with standard and specialized photo editing, including one designed to enhance selfies. Some of the filters are, color splash, black and white, lens flare and more.

Desktop Photo Editing Tools - Fotor

The collage feature lets you drop photos into 1:1, 3:4 or 4:3 aspect ratios with 80 templates, or you can create your own.


PicMonkey  has three groups of functions separated into Edit/Touch Up, Design and Collage so you can manipulate your images. In addition to standard editing features such as cropping, effects, touchups and resizing, the design function gives you a blank canvas so you can create invitations, posters, leaflets and more for your business quickly and easily.

Desktop Photo Editing Tools - PicMonkey

The design function has templates for a wide range of projects so you can create graphics for your website, social media page or to print out on paper.


Once you upload your picture on BeFunky, the user interface lets you edit your image in a straightforward manner with multiple options. This app lets you transform your image and make it more engaging with frames, filters, effects and collage templates. The slider for each function lets you control the level of manipulation for each effect.

Desktop Photo Editing Tools - BeFunky

Ready-made templates for event graphics, small business, blogger resources, social media headers, social media graphics, and greeting cards are available with subcategories to create customized projects with a large number of elements.


Ribbet has a single click auto-fix function to quickly enhance your image when you don’t have time and you need to post it right away. Crop, rotate, exposure, colors, sharpen, and resize also come as standard editing features along with collage. After you finish editing your image, you can save it to the local hard drive, Picasa and Google+, Flickr and Facebook.

Desktop Photo Editing Tools - Ribbet

You also get special effects, stickers, text, frames, touchup, pro features, and seasonal filters which can be customized to fit your needs. 


Upperpix comes with several different applications to edit your images online. You can apply filters, add text, draw, merge and add colors to your images. Basic shapes can also be integrated into an image to add custom background to highlight a particular product or service in a website.

Desktop Photo Editing Tools - Upperpix

A Layers/Objects panel lets you view the different layers and objects you’ve added to your image to better manage the editing process.

Vance AI

Vance AI is an image upscaler that allows you to upscale your images by up to 800% without sacrificing quality. Vance AI helps users turn low-quality images into bigger and higher-resolution results for printing, banners, eCommerce, presentations and more. You can also enhance specific details in your image, enlarge your images automatically, and has a data safe guarantee. They also have an awesome blog offering some photo-editing tips and tricks.


FotoFlexer has been around long enough to perfect the user interface, and it has done a great job to make the process of editing a photograph as easy as possible. The tabbed interface have basic edits, effects, animations, beautify tools, distort, and layer with great functionalities. It also includes an eyedropper tool so you can match colors of your image perfectly.

Desktop Photo Editing Tools - FotoFlexer

FotoFlexer also has an auto fix button, a red eye removal tool, and dozens of effects such as a greyscale, cartoon, sepia, color splash, blur edges, comic, and color rotate effect.


LunaPic has a simple look that is deceptive, because it has a load of features. You get a magic wand selection, gradients, blending, animation effects, texts, drawing and more. The save provides some of them most popular formats, including gif, jpg, png, bmp, pdf, swf (flash), mpg and avi (movie files).

Desktop Photo Editing Tools - LunaPic

Once you’re finished, you can use the built-in sharing feature with your audience on Facebook, Twitter or Picasa.

Sumo Paint

Sumo Paint has a user interface that looks like Photoshop, and it has tools for performing extreme touchups with a huge number of filter effects that comes included in this app. A fully loaded toolbar has many features Photoshop users will be familiar with, such as selection, painting, shapes, cropping, and transform tools, zoom, eyedropper, and foreground/background colors.

Desktop Photo Editing Tools - Sumo Paint

Photoshop Express

You can’t mention photo editing without Photoshop, and Adobe has a stripped down version called Photoshop Express  that brings the technology and experience of the company to this app. You will get editing tools such as white balance, saturation, exposure, crop, rotate and more.

Desktop Photo Editing Tools - Photoshop Express

While it does provide some powerful editing tools, it does fall short when it comes to providing creative tools such as collage, decorating, filters and others.


With Picozu you can connect with social media sites and cloud services like Dropbox, Google Drive or SkyDrive to get your images and share them. You can edit your image using brushes, filters, and layers, as well as color fill, magic eraser, freehand selection, cropping, selections and more.

Desktop Photo Editing Tools - Picozu

Some of the other advanced editing tools are distortion, edge detection, noise, blur and others


Polarr has many features, including a great selection of tutorials. Editing features such as cropping, lighting, and color correction tools are readily available, but you also get advanced functions. Histogram editor, curve adjustments, gradient mask and radial mask, sharpening and clarity tools as well as a large number of filters.

Desktop Photo Editing Tools - Polarr

You can save in .JPEG or .PNG format with pixel size and image quality percentage and share them on Facebook, or Twitter.


As part of the Adobe family of products, Aviary provides professionally designed filters, stickers and frames, frames and overlays, and touch-up tools so you can create and share your images. You can stylize images with more than 100 filters, draw and add text to enhance images with Hi-Def.

Desktop Photo Editing Tools - Aviary

The editing features include crop, rotate, and straighten along with being able to modify brightness, contrast, highlights and shadows.


Canva is a tool that lets you design professional grade graphics, but also edits photos. The platform provides more than 1 million layouts, stock photographs and illustrations with easy to use drag and drop functionality. The preset filters let you easily edit images with brightness, contrast, saturation, tint, blur, and vignette.

Desktop Photo Editing Tools - Canva

This is a very useful application for small businesses that want to design their own posters, flyers, logos, presentations and more. It has a library of more than 1 million premium images or design with hundreds of free elements and fonts to make this possible.

Fotor Online HDR Software

Unlike standard digital cameras, High Dynamic Range (HDR) photography is able to capture a wider range of lights and colors to produce images that are extremely vivid while retaining the details that might be lost. The Fotor HDR Software has advanced HDR technologies to deliver the same effects using alignment, ghost reduction, and Local/Global Tone Mapping.

Desktop Photo Editing Tools - Fotor Online HDR Software

The result is an HDR effect that will give your images new life.


Fotostars has an array of filters and effects to change and enhance any image quickly and easily. It includes 50 photo effects and photo frames to add unique styles and characters to your images. You can then add text and use the constructor to edit it with color grading, desaturation, image noise, lateral shadow, sepia transformation and more.

Desktop Photo Editing Tools - Fotostars

These features come with cropping tools as well as blurring and dream effects with a layers menu and customizable camera control. Images can be shared on Twitter, Facebook, Mail, Instagram, iMessage, iPhoto, WhatsApp and other social media and email clients.


PiZap photo editor has more than 50 million followers, which may be attributed to the multiple of features it provides. With PiZap, you can edit photos and decorate them with more than 200 fonts, outlines and text affects and use over 1,000 stickers to further embellish your images.

Desktop Photo Editing Tools - piZap

The online photo editing tool has the basic features, but it also includes Instagram style filters, light FX, textures, special effects and painting tools. If you are feeling creative, you can use the MEME and Emoji maker to create one of a kind images for your audience.

Photo Lab

Photo Lab gives you more than 600 effects to create almost any imaginable scenario for your picture. You can use creative artistic effects to create collages for multiple images with holiday e-card templates and fun face montages. The photorealistic effects lets you insert your images into books, dollar bills, magazine covers or mobile devices to market your small business.

Desktop Photo Editing Tools - Photo Lab

The photo editor has crop, rotate, color adjustment, lighting, sharpness, and touch-up functions.


PicBuzz is a great promotional tool you can use for your business to increase brand awareness and attract more customers. Filters and effects address, hotels, restaurants, artists and designers can be used with realistic photo montages.

Desktop Photo Editing Tools - PicBuzz

If you can’t find one that suits your industry, you can create your own photo templates and use it for yourself, or it can be a business opportunity by offering them for sale.


Afterlight is an easy to use editor with 15 adjustment tools, 74 filters, 78 textures and a list of 128 frames to place your images. The cropping and transforming tools have 15 different preset functions to quickly make the most common adjustments. But you can also use the rotating tool, vertical and horizontal flipping tools, and straightening along with the standard editing tools to get the right effect

Desktop Photo Editing Tools - Afterlight


Compression is an important feature if you plan using your images online, especially mobile Internet. TinyPNG is able to optimize your PNG and JPEG image with perfect balance in quality and file size by selectively decreasing the number of colors in the image. This means it requires fewer bytes to store and transmit the data, which makes your website faster for end users.

TinyPNG is currently being used by some of the biggest brands in the world, including Samsung, Sony, EA, Walmart, Bank of America and many others. While this is not a photo editing tool, it is just as useful for anyone that has a digital presence.


Phixr is a complete imaging solution in which you can manipulate the photo by rotating, flipping, and resizing it based in pixels, percentage or standard sizes. The color effect has more than 70 options, including normalize, auto white balance, color enhance, black and white, sepia and auto contrast.

Desktop Photo Editing Tools - Phixr

You can decorate the photos with stock objects, borders and textures as well as adding fun effects by converting images to oil paintings or charcoal drawing.  Image editing tools can sharpen, blur, and soften your photographs while removing red eye and whitening teeth.

Free Online Photo Editor

The Free Online Photo Editor is an application that is very basic, but it delivers in terms of getting the job done quickly and efficiently. It includes basic functionality like cropping, re-sizing, brightness/contrast adjustments, working with text, and a number of effects. If you are looking for a no frills solution, this is it.

Desktop Photo Editing Tools - Free Online Photo Editor


This application has been dubbed as the online alternative to GIMP, and with so many features, iPiccy might have earned the title. It has a lot of useful and powerful photo editing tools, including more than 110 photo effects, tools and filters that let you add text and stickers as well as create collages.

Desktop Photo Editing Tools - iPiccy

The tools are categorized under Basic, Advanced, Adjustments, Color, and Filters and you can use them for one-click fix to the image, resize, crop, rotate, sharpen, or flip the picture, as well as edit the exposure, hue, saturation, and colors. 


Pixelmator is a full-featured and powerful image editing app for the Mac that lets you create advanced composition using many of the tools it provides. It has pixel accurate editing so you can apply or remove any effect.

Desktop Photo Editing Tools - Pixelmator

You can paint, retouch and draw on new or existing images and add more than 160 effects and see the results in real-time. The color correction tools are professional grade, which lets you adjust exposure, hue, saturation, shadows and highlights, brightness, contrast, and much more.


While Photoshop is the gold standard when it comes to photo editing and manipulation, it has a high learning curve and it is not cheap. These 25 browser-based desktop photo editors let you quickly edit images without having to worry if you have the right application on your computer.

Finding the right solution will depend on your specific needs and how much functionality you will require to make it possible. If you plan on make mobile a big part of  photo editing make sure it has a mobile app. And as always, try the free version first and if it delivers for you, go for the premium version, if it is available.

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