Top 10 Successful Companies Using React

Gone are the days when we were being taught about how to React, today especially in the digital era, it’s all about how to use React at its best. The term react is no longer limited to being responsive in fact, it has gained immense range of popularity in the form of technology. And to be precise, React is used by one of the top tech players across the globe. What, you don’t believe me? Well, read away the following post that focuses on some of the best and the most successful companies using React. 

ReactJS is currently maintained by the developer community and Facebook. Top-tier firms such as Netflix, Apple, and PayPal are using this particular technology (React JS). It also keeps changing and evolving on a daily basis with new tools. Not only that, the React platform is now used by over 30 thousand websites on the internet for their online presence and among millions of individual users making a difference. No wonder top companies such as Netflix, Uber, Yahoo, The New Your Times are found vouching for the Reactjs platform. 

Now I won’t say that just because these million-dollar ventures have joined the Reactjs bandwagon, you should do it too but yes before you take a decision it is vital to understand what Reactjs is and most important why these top companies are found considering React in their arsenal. 

Knowing React Inside-Out! 

Many of you have this misconception that Reactjs is a Javascript framework which is certainly not the case. Reactjs is more kind of a Javascript library that was created by a tech giant named Facebook mainly used to develop rich user interfaces and web page components. Even if it is a library, React js is still considered as one of the leading web frameworks due to a plethora of reasons which will be mentioned below. 

Today not just businesses but even web developers have started jumping in the bandwagon to create aesthetically pleasing and interactive user experience and what’s more, the technology works wonders by enhancing productivity and efficiency. Further below I would like to mention several benefits and advantages of considering Reactjs. 

Benefits of using Reactjs

#1 Quick Go-to-Market Time

One of the obvious and amazing benefits of Reactjs is that it offers quick go-to-market time. In today’s ever-changing and fast-paced times, keeping up with qualitative solutions can be quite tricky and difficult to achieve. So in that case what can be done is choose a reliable web development company that offers amazing Reactjs services. Now when you do this, what happens is you can focus on your core competencies and meanwhile your app solution can be developed  within a predetermined time. Also, you must know this for a fact that Reactjs is quite popular for its immense development speed. Do you know why, it’s because of its multiple reusable components. 

Yes, due to the scope of large reusable components, building as well as managing applications is quite more speedy and amazing. This ensures high-productivity and accelerates maintenance.  

#2 Easy to use

Another crucial advantage offered by React is that it is way more easy to use in comparison to other tech stack available. You see in today’s changing times technology keeps on coming and going seamlessly, businesses as well as developers are searching for technology that tends to stay for the long haul and Reactjs is no exception here. Over the time, this technology has managed to sustain its popularity level and developers irrespective of their experience are found leveraging the power of React technology. 

#3 Great Range of Design and Developer Tools

The next benefit offered by Reactjs technology is that it offers an amazing range of design and developer tools. Here you will find an amazing set of tools that can ease the development process and highly recommended for debugging. In fact, for browsers such as Chrome and Firefox, specific tools have already been created. So what else do you need? 

I can simply go on and on when it comes to the benefits of Reactjs. Well, I guess the aforementioned pointers are enough to convince you that you must start considering Reactjs for your upcoming web development project. Now here comes the crucial aspect, top companies using Reactjs. 

Top Successful Companies using Reactjs 

#1 Facebook

One of the biggest and most successful companies that is the creator and a major user of the Reactjs technology is none other than Facebook. I mean we all know what Facebook is, how it works with a user base of 2.2 billion people across the globe. However, what you might not know is that Facebook is the pioneer of the Reactjs technology. Yes, the web page is developed using the tech with the script successfully blended. Do you know where? It’s successfully blended in the app code. 

Now does this mean that Facebook’s mobile version is also built using the React technology? Of course not! It is created using the React Native. Now React Native is a Javascript library that is highly recommended for developing apps for Android and iOS platforms. 

With the years passing by React seems to have become more responsive, scalable, robust and ensures successful solutions.   

#2 Netflix

Another interesting successful company that has been vouching for Reactjs is Netflix. Yes, no kidding! The world’s biggest video-streaming online platform is developed using React.js. The entertainment company today is successfully able to provide subscribers over the 190+ countries in the context of sitcoms, Tv shows, movies, documentaries in a plethora of languages. Back in 2015, the company started using Reactjs and since then it hasn’t back out yet. And why should they? Reactjs is highly commendable because it has somehow managed to improve user experience to a great extent. Also, several aspects such as loading speed and performance have increased after the use of React.js technology. 

#3 Uber

Another interesting company that you might not be able to take a wild guess of is Uber. Yes, the famous cab book service provider portal is developed using the Node.js technology. So I assume that you know the drill of calling the driver, locating and paying once you have reached the destination. What you might not know is that this app is available across 200 major cities. Another interesting aspect to consider here is that other than Uber, you might have come across UberEats. This particular app is created using React technology to enhance user experience, and leads to severe increase in customer satisfaction. Since here everything from placing new orders to accepting them, arrival of the delivery man, execution is done within a few seconds.  

#4 The New York Times

Everybody around the world knows what The New York Times is but you might not know the popular, well-established paper is based in New York City and is developed using Reactjs. Yes, this technology-based project was created to conduct a huge simulation of a variety of stars on the Oscar red carpet and filtration of a photo gallery. 

#5 AirBnB

Are you looking for a warm space at a reasonable price? AirBnB turns out to be the most amazing choice to take into account. In fact, it has been observed that the team of developers working for the betterment of AirBnb are also found responsible for the enhancement of the entire React ecosystem. Check out the React library. In layman’s terms, this particular library ensures to serve as a crucial bridge for establishing a successful cooperation between some design works and programming elements. 

#6 Instagram

Now who doesn’t know about Instagram! One of the leading widespread social media platforms that is loved across the globe thoroughly since its inception. In fact, Instagram seems to have become the passport of the young generation where they can share about their lifestyle, day-to-day happenings, displaying photos, videos, and lots and lots of other information. Now did you know that Instagram is owned by Facebook? Yes, of course, you know this. But do you know that it is successfully backed by React technology? Yes, the famous application is thoroughly built using the Reactjs Library. And maybe that’s the reason why it offers fast performance and efficiency. In fact, it may also interest you to know that several features such as web-like Geolocations, Google MAPs, progressive loading, image/video delivery, and uploading are because Reactjs makes it happen. 

#7 Twitter

Another interesting company that is successful and that too because of React is Twitter. Of course, React wasn’t the very first choice of Twitter but it had rewritten the entire website with modernized web technology. And after that, a wide range of competencies much like any other application, offline support is given here. With a rare combination of Reactjs, Redux and Nodejs, the famous app was developed and gained momentum. 

#8 Yahoo

Our next interesting successful company using Reactjs is Yahoo. Since React is very easy to learn and get started with, the team of Yahoo started believing in the technology. Also, here they can easily depend on platform libraries and amazing community support. On and all, Reactjs is the ultimate choice to consider.  


And we are done here! Well, this is not it. I can still go on with fine examples of Reactjs such as Khan Academy, WhatsApp, SkyScanner, DropBox, Atlassian, Salesforce, Codecademy, Zendesk and so forth! In fact, more and more companies are found fussing about the technology so that they can enter the market within a short span of time. Reactjs brings a unique suite of libraries, tools that can assist you well in designing and developing as well as debugging different tools. So what are you sitting tight for? Time to jump on the Reactjs development bandwagon!  

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