Remote Work Now Offers Virtual Water Cooler Chats

Before the COVID pandemic began in 2020, many employees across the US were longing for the freedom to work from home. Although many businesses were resistant to the idea, the general trend was headed in that direction, and took an immediate and drastic incline when the pandemic forced us all to stay home. 

While the majority of employees are happy with the change, and it looks as though this “new normal” is here to stay, more than two years in, we’ve discovered the downsides to going remote. 

One of the most common complaints is about the amount of time everyone is spending on Zoom meetings. The meetings go too long, they’re often unnecessary, and workers spend an average of 11 minutes per meeting just waiting for it to begin. Workers also report that they miss the casual interactions that take place in an office environment. 

Since it’s unlikely that businesses will go back to in-office work, it’s important that we face these issues and resolve them. Fortunately, there is a solution that offers the functionality of the office environment while maintaining the convenience of remote work. 
A digital office gives employees and businesses the feel of the office environment with rooms, floors, and even a water cooler, all while maintaining the freedom of working from home.

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