Reddit Marketing for Attorneys

Not a lot of attorneys are aware that Reddit is a great place to do marketing for your law firm. You just need to find unique ways to do it.

For example, my legal technology company Clearway has had a lot of success sharing law memes and posting unique articles on our law blog. I wrote an article on Will Smith slapping Chris Rock, shared it all over Reddit, and got ten’s of thousands of visits to my website.

The hardest part about Reddit is finding ways to share content that is not seen as promotional. As you can see in the screenshot below, whenever I share articles from my personal or Clearway account, it often get’s removed.

Photo: Screenshot from Reddit (I’m the green text)

As you can see below in the rules section, I didn’t violate any of the group rules. But some mod (moderator) decided to create and enforce their own rules. This is one of the downsides to Reddit. A sub reddit (basically a group) might have 20 mods. The mods don’t work for Reddit.

Reddit Moderators

You never know who you will get to review your post. And if you argue with the mod, they will normally just ban you from the group. There’s no democracy or logic to it. Reddit is basically an authoritarian system where you just have to “take it.”

Photo: The Sub Reddit rules for “Legal Advice Off Topic Discussion r/legaladviceofftopic”

You can see this group has ten moderators below.

So just be careful what you share in the groups. Some of the groups are totally open to allowing legal articles, memes, and blogs, and others are not. Again, it also depends on which moderator you get to review your post. I was just unlucky to get “Biondina.”

Below are some sub reddits that you can try and use for attorney marketing. I wrote a little bit about each group.

Groups you can post in on Reddit

r/Law– There are 183k members in this group. It says to limit self promotion, but you can do a bit.

r/LegalAdvice – This group is mainly non-attorneys looking for legal advice. Make sure not to offer legal advice to non clients, but you already knew that.

r/LawSchool – I have found that law school memes do really well in this group. I have included a law school meme I made below.

r/Paralegal – I have found that this group is very positive. They are very open to discussing legal topics from blogs. It’s a fun community of mostly paralegals.

r/Lawyers – This group can be negative and personally attack people at times. It’s also a private community only for lawyers (not for marketing people.)

r/LegalNews – Small group of 4.7k members, but they are open to law blogs.

r/LawCanada – This group is super aggressive, and I have been personally attacked many times in it. You might want to avoid posting things about your law firm in this group.

r/EULaw – I’m new to this group, but they have 3.7k members. Sort of small given that the group is for the entire EU.

r/talesfromthelaw– This is a really fun group to share stories from the legal industry. 27.6k members.

r/AusLaw – This group was really enjoying my law memes until I got banned. I would post in this group, and the memes would get over 500 upvotes. Then some random user accused me of being a “bad attorney” for sharing memes. I’m not a practicing attorney, and why does sharing something fun made you a bad attorney? Why would they ban me for that?

Reddit is full of unstable people. But it’s still a good marketing place if you do it right.

r/UKLaw – I’ve found lawyers in the UK (called solicitors and barristers) really enjoy memes, but they don’t like legal articles I share. I’m not sure why…

r/LegalAdviceOfftopic – This is the group that told me not to share links. Maybe I was just unlikely with that one mod who wasn’t following the rules. I will try some law memes and see how that goes.

r/Ask_Lawyers – This is again another group for people looking for legal advice. I normally just share attorney memes in the group instead.

Conclusion on Reddit Marketing for Attorneys

I hope you found this guide on Reddit marketing for attorneys helpful. If you have any questions or tips, or you want to hate, find me on Insta.
Alistair Vigier is the CEO of Clearway, a legal technology company that has built a massive lawyer directory for lawyers in China and Canada.