Property For Sale in Texas

We all know that Texas has some of the finest geological variety in the nation, meaning there is something for everyone when it comes to investing in real estate.

Whether you’re a hunter, a water sports enthusiast, or just a leisure swimmer looking to get away from the scorching summer sun, there’s no doubt that Texas water is the best water to splash and swim and float in! That said, folks are buying waterfront land right quick! This is excellent news for potential purchasers seeking beachfront property: chances are Texas has it.

Of course, there’s a lot of land in Texas that isn’t waterfront, and it’s pretty dang good, too. And much of it is up for tax sale.

The size of Turkey, Pakistan, or France is approximately comparable to that of the Lone Star State. You could fit any of the following in Texas: four Floridas, two Californias, 28 Vermonts, or an incredible 221 Rhode Islands.

Approximately one-third of the Mississippi River’s length is the distance separating El Paso and Beaumont. Not to mention the time zones! Northern Texas is considering lobbying for its very own time zone, separate from Southern Texas. This may be just a Chamber of Commerce joke right now, but when a Texan makes a joke, it usually becomes a law. 

It would take you longer to drive from Nashville to Philadelphia than to travel the distance from the northwest corner of the Panhandle to the boot toe right below Brownsville. Texas is enormous.          

The great thing about living in the land of Texas is that the sun shines all year long, which is wonderful — right up to the oppressive temperatures of summertime. And while we’re on the subject of heat, it’s crucial to be aware that the climate in Texas is shifting; the Environmental Protection Agency reports that the temperature in the state has increased by between 0.5 and 1.0 degrees Fahrenheit over the last century. In general, the eastern part of Texas has humid and muggy weather, whereas the western part of the state has a dry and desert climate. 

Southern Texas is hotter than northern Texas — sometimes by as much as twenty degrees. Eastern Texas is much more humid than Western Texas. Allergies? Forget about living in East Texas, where the plant life pumps pollen into the air ten months out of the year. 

The Hill Country, located in the exact geographic center of the state, is distinguished by its undulating green hills and swimming holes supplied by springs, rivers, and canyons. Although there is no lack of attractive little towns or things to do in the Hill Country, some of the more popular towns are Wimberley, Gruene, New Braunfels, and Fredericksburg. However, there is no shortage of charming small towns in the Hill Country. 

The Hill Country may be the most habitable, weather-wise. This gorgeous location has a climate characterized by moderate winters and long warm summers with plenty of sun. Just the spot for sunbathing and 24/7 outdoor activities for even the most cautious sun-screener.

The real answer to the question of how much Texas land is habitable is that ALL of it is. And the Federal government only owns about 2 percent of it — the rest is wide open for real estate development.

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