Motorcycle safety: why dash cams can help

As thrilling as it can be to ride a motorbike, it’s important to remember that safety is key. Unfortunately, motorcycle accidents happen all too regularly and it’s up to you to help reduce that.

Installing a dash camera on your motorbike can provide a variety of benefits and features that ultimately provide an increased level in safety. A dashcam can also help reduce insurance premiums as well as save your life.

With the right camera installed, it can become an exciting feature that not only protects you, but also documents your adventures while out riding.

Why you need a dashcam

Whether you’re contemplating getting a camera for your motorcycle or touring bike, it’s helpful to understand that it’s a vital tool in documenting accidents, keeping important events and providing the opportunity to keep experiences forever.

Support an Incident claim

Footage from a dashcam can save you time and money if you’re having to claim through an insurance company. Riding a motorbike can at times be dangerous, especially if a car driver forces you to swerve or crash, whether through reckless driving or by accident.

But by providing footage from an accident that you’ve been involved in, this can save you time and money and should even help to support any claims you have by providing concrete evidence of whose fault it truly was.

Deter vandalism & theft

Another benefit to having a motorbike dash camera attached is that it can help deter and stop theft or vandalism. If you leave your bike unattended, the camera can play a pivotal role in thwarting any attempts to steal your bike.

Some cameras possess motion-sensors, meaning they’ll be set off by those getting too close. Most footage collated by dashcams can be uploaded automatically to the cloud, therefore evidence is saved that can then be shared with the police if necessary.

Capture your adventures

A motorcycle camera can also act as a way to capture your rides when taking a leisurely road trip and you want to capture the scenic views without compromising on safety.

A dashcam will capture the picturesque experience for you while you ride, allowing you to preserve the memory in another way as you safely navigate the roads.

Improve your driving

While everyone believes that they’re a good driver, that’s unfortunately not always the case. Just like any craft, it takes practice and experience to improve when it comes to riding a bike.

Utilising footage that you’ve captured directly, you can review it and work out how you drive and what can be done to help improve your driving.

A motorbike dash camera can help you correct mistakes such as tailgating, braking too hard and assess the overall control of how you ride your bike.

Choosing the correct dashcam

With the wide array of dashcams available, it’s sometimes a daunting challenge to decide which one is best for you.

If you’re looking for a suitable motorbike camera, then a dual dashcam is considered the best option. This camera provides both a front and rear dashcam to help protect you efficiently and cover all fields of view for a premium price.

Options such as the Ride Vision 1 or the Innovv K3 dual camera provide additional safety features while also delivering good quality footage too.

A single facing camera tends to be a more budget-friendly option as well as easier to install too. However, it may offer fewer safety features than the dual dashcams but will still provide you with the necessary functions.

Storing the footage

Once your motorcycle camera is all setup, you’ll find the footage will usually be either stored internally or on a microSD card. It’s important that this is checked regularly or backed up to the cloud in order to avoid any footage being automatically deleted as well as checking that the camera is still recording.

Some cameras may allow you the option to automatically upload footage from the camera to the cloud, so it’s worth checking the settings of your model.

While a motorbike dash camera can provide a range of benefits and uses to you, it’s ultimately an important safety tool to support and protect you.

Once installed correctly and maintained properly, the value a motorbike dash camera provides is unrivalled in supporting your safety.