Complete Guide to Getting Backlinks in 2021


It is no news to you that you can rank higher on the search engine with more backlinks. Google’s key ranking factors include getting backlinks to rank higher on the search engine. If you have quality backlinks, you have a better chance of ranking. In this article, I will guide you through some processes that help you generate more backlinks.

What are Backlinks?

Backlinks are the votes that you get from other different websites. These votes act as points that your Website needs to rank higher in the Google search engine. Was that complicated for you? Ok, let me be a little more clear on this.

Let’s say that a website publishes content with the link to your Website when someone who reads the content on that particular Website clicks on that link to get to your Website. In this case, your link on that Website becomes a backlink for you.

Different Ways To Get Backlinks

As OptinMonster reports, websites that have a higher number of backlinks rank on Google higher and faster. So when many websites are linked back to yours, it positively impacts Google that the search engine considers valuable and ranks your websites higher on the list.

Here I will disclose some guidelines to rank your Website higher in the search engine.

Tip #1

Look for top referral websites. These websites will link back to your Website by linking to your content and provide you the backlink. You have to look for the specific type of websites that link back to your websites and their preferred type of content. You have to write content preferable to those websites to get backlinks.

There are different ways to view referral sources. MonsterInsights, a WordPress plugin for Google Analytics, is probably the best and easiest way to view referral sources.

Tip #2

Are you linking to a higher authority website? Are they getting so much traffic because you are sending them? If so, you should send an outreach email to form a partnership. MonsterInsight helps you easily view your outbound links. You only need to install the plugin. Follow this instruction-

  • Insights
  • Reports
  • Publishers
  • Now navigate to the Top Outbound Links report.

You will see which of the external links on your Website got the most clicks using the backlink report. Now you can send emails to those websites to form alliances.

Tip# 3

Google provides a free tool named Google Search Console that you can use to get more backlinks for your Website. The tool gives you insightful data to boost your search engine ranking. In addition, there is an option called External Links report.

The report contains websites that gave you backlinks in the past. You can use the backlinks to go back to see what kinds of content they gave you backlinks. Since those websites are already familiar with you, they will give you backlinks again.


Always be aware of what your competitors are doing. You should know the type of content that your competitors publish. Knowing their strategy will give you insight into what is happening in the industry.

You can legally spy on your competitors to find backlink sources. Just go through their keywords, social media activities, and top-performing content. Use tools like SEMrush to search for backlinks. You will get the backlink profiles of the websites that you enter. 

View backlinks in SEMrush-

  • go to Backlink Analytics and enter your competitor’s domain.
  • Click Check It.
  • Select Backlinks.

Now you can use these sources to find backlinks for your websites.

Tip #5

Rebuilding broken links is also another great way of getting backlinks. For example, some websites have links that no longer work, or those links got broken, or the source website removed them. As a result, the links may have incorrect URLs, or the destination website may no longer exist.

These situations create opportunities for you to get backlinks. Let me tell you how. First, you just have to find websites with broken links and contact their Webmaster to replace those links; while doing so, suggest your Website as a replacement.

Be sure to have a humble approach while suggesting, and introduce your Website well first. Then, since you are doing them a favor, they will be sure to give your Website a backlink.


I’m sure that there are other ways of finding backlinks, but in this article, I have illustrated only the high-quality ones so that you can use these more proficiently. Backlinks are the key factors of SEO ranking, and you need enough of them to get your Website higher on the search ranking. I hope that you will have some insight from this article.

Author Bio
Mashum Mollah is a tech entrepreneur by profession and passionate blogger by heart. I have my own blogging site Dream and Travel, Tech Net Deals. where people will get all WordPress and SEO related information. I like to encourage and motivate the new youth generation who want to learn Online Marketing.