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OSI Affiliate Software

Influencer marketing is an avenue that companies can use to generate a buzz about their product or message. It’s an age-old tactic in the advertising world, hailed as one of the most cost-effective ways to grow your business and improve your visibility in the online community. 

OSI Affiliate Software provides a wide range of integrated influencer marketing tools, including Single Influencer Central for managing your social influencers, Mobile Supports HQ for assessing device compatibility with app development with apps prototypes, and resources such as video tutorials on how to create apps from scratch. The platform also features fully automated customer acquisition tools, targeted accurate time tracking, push notifications automation, synergy analytics suites, and more. In short, it is an automation tool designed to help affiliates and brands work together to generate meaningful business growth.


MuseFind is an influencer marketing tool that helps you research and collaborate with bloggers.

MuseFind is a “marketing solution” for interactive, engaging content from prominent blogs or influencers. The company has grown to connect with some of the most popular bloggers around the world. It has also added an analytics dashboard to help marketers see what’s working and provide details about each blogger, which they may not find anywhere else. They also offer detailed analytics that gives you information on how well your promotional campaign went – from hashtags to impressions, costs, conversion rates, and many more crucial stats for every successful influencer marketing project.


Everflow is an influencer marketing platform that helps solve challenges for brands and agencies in the digital age. We help you grow your digital footprint and drive sustainable growth globally through social media marketing, video production training, and more.

For example, if a company targets male gamers ages 20-30 years old but have no idea how to find relevant influencers who can create engaging content or measure their inventory levels – it’s too involved for them to consider it a viable option. But they don’t need to be! With Everflow’s Social Media Marketing Center (SMC), we can match companies with people who are successful in the space of what they’re looking for. 


SalesCamp is an influencer marketing tool that allows brands to develop and measure relationships with a community of more than 100,000 sales-oriented professionals. This pool of executives, managers, decision-makers & influencers starts as customers who were satisfied enough with their experience to share their stories via social media. Brands can then expand these relationships and turn them into advocates by turning these reviews into testimonials or conducting interviews with them to become spokespersons for the brand. 


Sellagram is an influencer marketing tool that helps brands and agencies engage and manage their influencer marketing efforts. The annual reports allow a deep understanding of successful vs. unsuccessful campaigns, content, post type, follower count distributions for each platform analyzed, top-performing channels used by the influencers in the program, and more.

Sellagram’s tools are assembled to make it easy to track both metrics like reach for any given campaign plus other actionable insights through exports of data– such as detailed breakdowns about how your engagement has declined over time or how specific, compelling posts have been across platforms.


Promio is a social media and influencer marketing tool for companies to reach new audiences.

It can help you find influencers for Hunting Bow Lab, look up competitor influencers to understand what your competitors are doing, and places to post on various social media platforms. The software dashboard lets you see what content has been optimized the best from a conversion perspective so that you don’t have to guess which posts have performed best at launching engagement or conversions- all data available through our dashboard!


MMG by MarketMotives is a research platform for influencer marketing. Companies can find the right influencers and authentically engage with them to learn their audience sizes, what those audiences care about, and how they behave online.

We know that 87% of brands say content is essential, but only 3% admit to having someone dedicated to writing it. MMG bridges the gap between brands that need content creation and the people who want access to better market research.


Hivefiliate is an influencer marketing tool that lets marketers identify the most influential and authoritative voices relevant to their brands.

Influencer marketing is a strategy in which people with large social media followings promote products and services to their followers for Drum Set Lab. These influencers are often famous bloggers, YouTubers, Instagrammers, or celebrities. While people have been taking advantage of the generous reach of these individuals for centuries through word-of-mouth advertising, social media has made this type of advertising even more accessible thanks to its access to huge audiences at a low cost.

Affiliate Integrateby Huckleberry, Inc

Affiliate Integrate is your suite of marketing tools and tactics for influencers to help drive incremental web traffic and conversion to your site.

Around the world, companies are looking for new ways to expand the reach of their sites. Web 2.0 introduced a recent phenomenon: bloggers with millions-or billions-of followers who can promote consumer goods by endorsing or tweeting about it to their readership – but there was no way for offline customers (the companies) to buy this user-generated global advertising until now. 


Enlistly is an easy, free and powerful way to find and work with influencers.

Enlistly is a collection of tools that make it easy for you to take control of your marketing spend. It’s marketer-friendly because it uses Email Marketing, Social Media Management, Influencer Marketing, and Pay Per Click advertising to create intelligent campaigns across all the channels where your customers are spending their time. It helped tens of thousands of brands in the US get found online by customers from China to Colombia.

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