3 Marketing Experts Share Their Tips on Promoting Content After It’s Published

We’re only as good as the lessons we’ve learned along the way, and it’s so valuable that we can now hear from so many experts on any specific topic. Across the Internet, you can read articles, listen to podcasts, and gain insight from professionals who have been there in the past and are now sharing the lessons they’ve learned.

Marketing is one area where we can learn a ton just by researching and reading through the insights of others. In a way, the professionals of today are already one step ahead because they can use the insight available to them to plan accordingly.

Frankly, we’re quite lucky because of this!

When it comes to content promotion after it’s published, there’s so much to learn and, because people so much time and effort into the creation of their content, it’s an important task. For this article, we chatted with 3 marketers in order to gain insight and learn about how they go about promoting content after it’s published.

(1) Pick 3 channels and cater a plan to each one

For our first tip, we chatted with Guy Regev of eTraffic, an SEO and web content marketing agency.

“After creating quality content, I find the 3 best channels for promotion. By narrowing it down to 3 (or 2, if that’s what you believe is best), you can create content that is specifically optimized for that channel and put the appropriate time into it. If you just create the same content that will be shared to every channel, it could be too broad and ill-focused to make an appropriate impact. And you might fail to track things effectively in order to learn from the promotion. Using just 2 or 3 channels (rather than sharing everywhere), you should be able to build an audience for your content and – even more importantly – can track the results.”

(2) Track everything for the next time

For our next tip, we chatted with James Parsons of Content Powered, a strategic content marketing agency.

“Data is everything and metrics can fuel the growth of your company, if done effectively. In today’s online world, everything has a footprint and you can track things such as: open rate of emails, how many people clicked the link, who engaged with a social post, and so much more. Everything is trackable these days and you can use that to help your next promotion be better than this one. If you want to do everything you can to promote the content you are putting so much time into, then you’ll need to set yourself up to track everything and stay organized. Make sure you keep record of everything and learn from it for the next time – or what are we really doing here.”

(3) Try and plan for the future as well as the now

For our third and final tip, we chatted with Lucie Chavez, the CMO of Radaris.

“Sharing on social media and blasting in an email newsletter will help your content prosper right now. People will see your content, click it, and check it out. Great! But what about when the social media posts stop and the emails are pushed down the inbox? Your content now becomes yesterday’s news and it doesn’t have the same impact it had, meaning all of your hard work was very short-lived. Instead, you must plan to make the content last longer, which means you should create an effective SEO strategy that will help it be visible on Google. Build external links to this content, link internally on an ongoing basis, and optimize your keywords and meta descriptions to help make it more searchable. If you can create a strategy to get your content in front of viewers in a longer term, you’ll get more value from the work you do.”

We hope you’ve enjoyed these tips from marketing experts.