11 Non-Tech SaaS Marketing Hacks for Tech Geeks

The rise of the internet and technology has introduced customers to a plethora of options to choose from. With technological advancements, the SaaS market has evolved immensely and that has led to stiff competition. SaaS marketers need to adapt innovative marketing hacks to outgrow their competition and increase their revenues.

Right before the actual launch of a product, an app, a website or software, you can announce a  pre-release of the product. This will help you increase the hype of the product that you’ve introduced across several platforms and will help you gather feedback before going live. Not only that, but you also let the beta testers review your product and for any final fixes for bugs or errors.

Beta testing is important as products tend to have flaws and bugs and they need to be rectified before launching the actual product. Developers of the product can also use pre-launch platforms that will help them get backers prior to the release of your product so that they have many people lined up to try their product before it comes into the picture.

Forgotten Forums

The easiest way to obtain knowledge about a particular topic or a trend is to read forums for a perspective on ideas and opinions. Internet forums are a platform that allows brands to communicate with potential customers. They also can be called ‘discussion groups’ or ‘discussion boards’ which the majority of tech professionals are familiar with.

If forums are nurtured well they can prove to be beneficial for businesses to drive traffic to their website and generate leads organically. It is an excellent way to make social connections. If businesses have a presence on forums as a valuable source of information, it can enhance your brand image.

Publication Platforms

If you want to spread awareness about your product or service, you need to leverage various content publishing platforms to reach avid readers. People often visit major marketing magazines to gain information about products and their features. This knowledge helps them make informed decisions while choosing a product.

To make an impact through publication platforms, you need to stay aligned with the latest trends and curate comprehensive content that will attract users and add value to them. You can create content to build your brand reputation, awareness and provide insights about your product.

To build on your brand and product awareness, look to get your company published in some of the best business magazines. This can help potential customers in making informed decisions while choosing a product and help to boost brand recognition.

Referral Growth Plan

In today’s socially-connected world, word-of-mouth has become an essential aspect of brand building and business growth. Customers easily trust the words of other users and make buying decisions accordingly. Referral marketing growth plan is an effective form of marketing for increasing sales and conversions.

According to Forbes, 60% of marketers consider referral programs a great tool for generating a high volume of leads and 54% believe that referral programs have a lower cost-per-lead than other channels. Businesses leverage their brand’s biggest assets, their customers, to engage and leverage with other potential customers. You can offer your customers rewards and other benefits for every referral and recommendation they make. This will help you gain more customers and encourage the existing customers to spread a good word about you.


When you surround yourself with like-minded people across industries, you learn a lot. Networking helps you thrive. Your network pushes you to do greater things and not settle for the ordinary. You can meet people from different industries and look for potential investors or customers. Moreover, your network helps your brand gain visibility and free promotion. You can also meet people like – content strategists, accountants, designers, developers – who can help you enhance your business offerings.

The world has moved online, so has networking. There are various online events held where people come together to discuss and celebrate innovative ideas. These events are the best place to connect with brilliant minds and grow your network.


People love participating in contests in anticipation of winning prizes. This also lets them connect with the brand on a personal level. You can arrange occasion-based contests to effectively reach your target audience. These contests prove to be pivotal in spreading product awareness and creating a buzz about your brand on social media platforms. You can organize polls, quizzes, trivia and announce free gift hampers for winners.

These contests also help you with market research and gain insights into consumer behavior and expectations. Contests can help you attract a wider audience and acquire new customers through different social media platforms.


People love to associate with brands that work towards the betterment of society. The moral quotient of a brand must be higher to establish an emotional connection with the audience. Running a campaign for a social cause like eradicating child labor, malnutrition, illiteracy, pollution, etc., will add moral value to your brand and that will help people trust you more. Being known as a socially-responsible company will always help in your business growth, directly or indirectly.

People also consider your brand as an easy way to contribute towards the cause. You can help people come together and build a community through your brand.

Content Moat

Your SaaS marketing efforts will get a major boost when backed by effective SEO practices. The primary idea is to identify and address the most commonly asked questions in the SaaS world. You can predict the questions related to your product and offerings and curate content to provide answers to customers.

The content should work as a glossary for everyone who wants to know more about your SaaS product. When you address the “What is…” questions, you get a huge organic boost that improves the SERP (search engine results page) rank of your content.  If you are struggling to write a product copy that converts, here are some useful tips.

Look for contributors

Collaborating with a SaaS expert to contribute a guest blog article for your website will prove to be a great SEO strategy. You can also get your clients to write a few articles for you. This allows your clients and guest blog writers to express their views, knowledge and expertise about the SaaS industry, product features and the quality of service.

This proves to be a win-for-all situation since the contributors get a platform to reach a wider audience and you get user-centric and high-quality content for your website. Check out Coin Masters Free Spins

Pain-point Webinars

The global webinar market is expected to touch 800 million by 2023. A LinkedIn survey found out about 67% of marketers increased their investments in webinars in 2020. Webinars are the most effective and cost-efficient way to generate leads and acquire new customers.

SaaS marketing revolves around presenting the information in the best possible way to potential customers. Webinars help you explain the product features and how your offerings can help them grow their business. Since the pandemic outbreak, webinars have received a major boost as the majority of the population prefers connecting virtually. Webinars on zoom or any other platform will help your SaaS marketing endeavors.

Conversion-centric Case Studies

People love to know how a product will solve their problems and help them increase their profits. Case studies are the best tool to glorify your product’s abilities and how it has helped in overcoming problems and boosting productivity and business revenues. 

Publishing conversion-centric case studies will help your audience understand how exactly they can benefit from your product. Case studies also help build trust amongst your potential customers.

To Wrap Up

In the end, it all boils down to marketing the product. And why not? Your marketing efforts enable you to achieve incredible growth in a very short time.

As innovation takes charge in the tech world, marketing helps provide the right context for people to understand your offerings. Through strategic marketing efforts, you reach the right audience and provide them with the right information at the right time. This all eventually translates to more customers and business revenues.

Author Bio: Lori Gillen is a Blogger/Content Creator who is specialized in the field of Digital Marketing & Data Analysis with 5 years of experience. Currently working at PPCexpo as a Senior Content Creator.