How To Quickly And Easily Deal With Your Backlog: A Guide For Gamers.

Backlog is a serious problem in the gaming community. Every gamer has faced this issue at some point of their life. It’s when you buy a new game, it starts to gather dust on your backlog while newer games are coming out in the market. Gradually, more and more games are sitting on your shelf waiting for you to play them but never bothered to spend time playing them or maybe you just don’t have time because of work or any other commitments . Your backlog is growing with each passing day, especially if there is a Steam Summer Sale going on, try ignoring all those discount tags floating around on social media front pages.

Here I will be sharing simple tips that will help you manage your Product backlog efficiently without wasting money or spending too much time completing mediocre titles.

1) Start with the easiest game in your backlog.

Now let me explain, if by default you have Deus Ex: Mankind Divided sitting on top of your steam library then it’s always better to start with that since it requires less brain power, just focus on finishing one game at a time and you will see your progress bar moving faster than before. And also don’t be too worried about completing all games at equal pace since you are not playing them together , so once you finish this easy game move up to another title which has more difficulty level or probably something slightly older .

2) Reach Out to Friends

Make a list of your friends and their gaming tastes and check whether they have any game which you might not have played yet , try to reach out to them and ask if they can let you borrow that certain title. In this method, not only do you get to play a new game but also make new friends as well as it’s always fun to play games with other people .

3) Buy yourself one for Christmas or Birthday

You don’t need me to explain this one, everybody has been here before. Whether it’s about celebrating a special milestone by collecting all steam titles or just simply buying a random title from the local store, there is no better feeling than opening up a brand new physical copy of that newly purchased game .

4) Repurchase the same title on different platforms

Well, not always you want them on your steam library. Sometimes it feels good to play some classics through original CDs or disks before getting yourself through Steam. There are also some indie games who do not have a chance on this platform and aren’t available anywhere else except for their own official website. Or maybe there is no reason at all, sometimes I just like owning both of them *cough* Dota *cough*.

5) Do it out of spite

      Yes , it’s childish but boy does it feel good! Whether you’ve had an argument with somebody who’s a staunch supporter of Game X & Game Y or you simply hate that game that was recommended to you for “its good”, nothing feels better than taking the opposing side. 

4) Nostalgia

      Ah, nostalgia! The ultimate reason why most people play old games. Not only does it feel like you’re playing a game back when life was simple but it also gives you the opportunity to compare how the game has evolved through time or how it hasn’t at all. I have tons of memories of these games so it’s up to you on what feeling you want to get out of them.

5) It’s cheap as hell

      Of course Steam Sales are amazing but even if they aren’t, it’s really worth buying some old classics just because of how much money it’s being sold for now-a-days. Sometimes they are even being sold for a dollar! And that’s not going to happen in future games, is it?

6) Most of them are good

      Although there are tons of old games that suck really bad. But if you do your research before buying, you’ll be able to avoid these kinds of titles knowing that the chances of finding a hidden gem from back then is pretty high. I mean there can’t be so much difference from today’s standards…can they?

If you are someone who likes to play multiplayer games then try focusing on single-player titles first until you become their master and then slowly shift your attention towards online games.

The last and the most important thing you should keep in mind is not to rush, while it’s true that some high level players play for hours and can complete a game in a couple of minutes, but they actually know each and every trick and cheat of the title they are playing, so before acting like them try mastering your favorite game before attempting to move on to another one , because if you don’t do this then it will only lead you nowhere . Now after reading this article I am pretty sure that you must have understood how important it is to be slow while playing shooting games, but still if anything has been left unclear or if you have any more questions related to please let us know by using the comments section below.